The Cosmic Journeys & Scrolls

Information on how to thrive in the new Era and Ascension Energies

🌈 The Scrolls are records of New Energies and information as They return to Earth – recommended only for those who Ascended from polarity and can handle the Truth calmly and wisely.

Use discernment and Free Will.

Brand new multidimensional techniques to support you to flow with the New Light that is changing everything. Be effortlessly Blessed by the Source Field Created here, uplifting your Creations, supporting your Ascension Process, Life Areas & Purpose.

Authentic shares as I open up my Starseed Journal. Whatever is going on in your Ascension Process and physical life, you are never, ever alone.

Cosmic Journeys, Ascension and behind the veil news, The Shift, and contact with Higher Density Beings.

All Cosmic Tools are intended to support not only your physical life, but also the eternity of the Soul. Life beyond density can be confusing at first the more attached we lived so we must prepare for our travels while still in our bodies. 

At one point we all fell for the illusions of an artificial fear matrix and compromised our Light here and there, mostly unwillingly. It is the greatest root cause of suffering, the collective ‘depression’, ‘anxiety’ and other ‘dis-eases’ (which only means one is out of Harmony). This has been almost completely forgotten on Earth.

Starseeds came for THIS time that we are living now. All the targeting and attacks was so we would shrink our Light or be too traumatized to accomplish our Divine Missions. Rise, Sisters and Brothers. ChangeMakers, Pioneers, Mavericks, and True New Earth Leaders. Shine brightly with no more fear.

Why are these stories, or what other Starseeds brought, such as multidimensional sound, music, color, art, voice, memories, and the infinite ways of expression important in this New Era of Now?

Because they help you reunite all cosmic ‘parts’ of you as you left behind much of your Light to ‘densify’ or take form on Earth. Activations bypasses the rational mind, helping you to step into what has never existed or been experienced on our planet before. Each Soul brings something unique.

The Cosmic Stories brings what you need on a Soul level – the innocent and pure part of you – by breaching through matrix programs, generational and societal blocks, while bringing only what you can handle. It is all done effortlessly by pondering on them with an open Heart & Mind. You can also journal, create art, or just play with these Journeys and Stories, however you’d like. The highest recommendation is to meditate after reading them.

These Journeys are beneficial to the New Children (rainbows, crystals, etc) but their parents should read them first and feel what is best for them. It can remind the Children of the eternal Truth as well as what they came here to do. These Stories are also reminding us of real Art and Higher Entertainment (which teaches or uplift), because most of what we have is entrainment.

Connect the dots on Old Earth and see the big picture, so you can come to terms with it and move up.

There is also a stream coming for fellow First Wavers & Darkworkers for us to neutralize and transmute our very traumatic early life and Missions.

Darkworkers who desire to retire (from transmuting, battling the parasites, reclaiming Sacred Ground, arresting entities, helping Souls to transition, cleansing houses, lands, and hellish work environments… and thousands of other unpleasant and lonely work) to live their Ascended Lives can… and definitely should be doing so now. Source’s New Light is cleansing the diseased energies and entities, as well as rewriting everything for all.

If your Heart has been broken and you triggered MOST people around you, you may have been a Darkworker. We don’t need to stay incognito and do all that anymore. It’s time for Love, Joy, Purpose, Peace, and Abundance!

Once you remember these Truths, beliefs can shatter more easily. Beliefs are linked to systems out there that we have been fueling with our Consciousness. Our Energy is supposed to belong only to us. Others need to learn how to get it directly from the Source Field – from within – and no Sentient Being is to lend theirs to another according to Universal Law.

Come to terms with the Original Separation.

Remember Universal and Energetic Laws.

Learn from other worlds and beings.

Remember how to Create and find Soulutions from the higher levels and bring that down to the physical, instead of the other ways we’ve been told that have only been creating more problems.

Return to the Heart of a Child. Yeshua already said that those would be the ones to enter Paradise Earth.

Learn how to live in magic again. The hopes, and intuitions you had for Earth in your early life were not wishful thinking, they were Visions recorded in your Blueprint, and quite real.

Unique and brand new multidimensional techniques and practices as they come.

In me, you will find an unconditionally Loving and non-judgmental friend who can hold a nurturing space for you to be truly seen and heard. 

Why is it important for you to Express yourself, be in a group, by journaling or through your Life Purpose (by writing, making videos, painting, singing, or whatever your Divine Gifts are)?

Because Expression is a healing mechanism that the Sensitive and Creative (advanced Humans) blocked, fearing judgment.

Source and I Co-Created this space as our home away from Home. Find a dimension of Paradise Frequencies to recharge before ‘being of the world’ again.

There are high dimensional bubbles or hubs on Earth or Ascending Lands that you can connect to, and my Sanctuary is one of them. You can also Create one of them in your Home. When that is accomplished, Animals even come to bask in the Paradise Energies in your backyard to heal and Ascend, and Nature flourishes there too.

If you never fit in the barbaric system, this may be the place for you as you were ahead of your ‘time’. There are ‘bubbles’ of Light BEing Created all over the world, this is just one more of them, and we can reJOYce that Mother Earth is healing, thanks to Divine Volunteers like you, who kept your Heart and remained Loving (harmless, kind, generous, in Service…). 

There is much that you can read, practice, learn, and enJoy in just one month to see if this is a fit for you. You can also take a break, or come back at any time. There are no ‘ought to’, ‘shoulds’, or obligations in any true Paradise Earth space. Let’s Co-Create a free world where all Sentient Beings can just Be and experience, as they wish.

This space is made as affordable as possible so information is easily accessible. You will be supporting my Starseed Mission, and the one with Animals, a role that is equally important to me.

Back up those who help or INspire you and get out of the earthly energetic debt, that permeated almost everything. Turn away from everything that is below Love for an uplifting life in this New Era.

Both Cosmic Journeys & the Scrolls are included in the membership.

PLease follow on Telegram to be notified of new Scrolls

Starseeds and Volunteers, heal, rise, shine the Love & the New!

Source is coming through. Love won, as it always does.

Love, Gratitude, and Infinite Blessings!


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