• 💙 Thank you so much!

    I feel your thoughts, wishes & energy.    This community is beloved and going through the Ascension process without you would have no meaning.     Many times we receive subliminal messages that we can’t show up or we are not good enough if we are not our best, and hide at least half of what we truly are.   As shared in a Cosmic Journey, I was honored that an extraterrestrial civilization showed me what it is like to live as people who never had the judgment pattern/block. How freeing it would be for us to not have that, and as it is transmuted out of existence, we can…

  • Cosmic Journey on Souls that went Home

    As shared, my mother passed away after our entrance to New Earth and when we stepped into much, much higher frequencies we’ve never experienced before. There is so much that I am understanding and Seeing that I am learning a new level of balance between processing and grieving, as well as understanding the higher lessons; while writing everything down to keep a record of it all. Most importantly, this experience brought a new puzzle piece on what is happening to Souls who are going back Home at the end of an era.

  • Be blessed by the Cosmic Mother on this day

    I wish a magical Mother’s Day to all of you, as well as honor those who are HUman or furry mothers too. But not all is bliss for many people on the planet, and those are the ones that I address, as they feel forgotten on days of celebration as many Starseeds came in Mission so they don’t get along with their bloodline, and this day can bring grief for some but it doesn’t have to be like that.   My biological mother just passed away as portals to New Earth opened. I am still mourning it and going through a great shift, and will share these Cosmic Journeys and…

  • Why you never feel ready for your Life Purpose or anything really

    Learn why you do not feel ready unless you are already taking action and BEing the change that you want. This is shared in more detail in the welcoming Newsletter email so I won’t repeat it, but as we entered the New Era – a time for Unity, what is New and Loving – we are mostly able to feel grounded through the Heart and our Mission. That’s why this is an appropriate message for this time as Service to others and our Life Purpose becomes more important than ever.      Healed and advanced Star People and Light Beings are Service to Others. To become a galactic civilization…

  • A Channeled Message from the Plant Collective

    Today’s INspiring message: By calling in Source and your Spiritual Support to help with clearing and renewal, you can have a deep restorative sleep every night, beginning anew every morning and in a higher energetic space.   A Channeled Message from the Plant Collective:     As an easier level of multidimensional communication is reached, the Plant Collective wanted to send us a channeled message of wisdom and hope.  This is an exciting new gift we can expect throughout the Ascension Process.    NEW SCROLL   In ‘New Earth School Vision’:   Receive Energies of Paradise Earth to support you in focusing on the New Light and your Creations/Service to…

  • Core energy, dreams are showing the way, and a Cosmic Story: The Galactic MerPeople

    LATEST NEWSLETTER Since around the end of 2019, I felt the pull of the lower dimensions and energetic spaces becoming stronger. 2020 was a retreat for us to practice focus and we were kept somewhat protected in a (forced) cocoon so we could really look within, something that many ran from, lifetime after lifetimes on Earth… ~ Continue reading   NEW VIDEO & BLOG   ‘Dreams are showing the way, encouraging us to evolve into higher forms of what we were’     NEW SCROLL   ‘Cosmic Story – The galactic MerPeople’ I share my recent second contact with the ones we call Mermaids, as well as with their ancestors,…

  • Dodging 5G and other attempts

    Updated on January 17. Much Love. Let’s talk about a more grounded and low vibrational subject but that can guide you in stepping into higher dimensions as well as eliminate certain things from even appearing in your reality.

  • Where are the Earth Souls needing rehabilitation going to?

    Welcome to the ‘New’ Year! I embrace you in infinite Love, wishing you the highest Blessings, Abundance, Courage, Strength, and Creativity!   I hope you are doing well after the Energies stepped up again, supporting our entrance into the New Era. More than ever, it’s important that we don’t check with how things were to live but especially, to Create in the Now.   Breathing to reset often, is a great practice. As well as disconnecting from everything to go within.   Since I started to Ascend from the lower dimensions in 1998,

  • Starseed Animals

    It’s been four years since I lived this divine miracle, showing how nothing is impossible to our Spiritual Support if we keep our Hearts. I was also shown how Loved I AM as Source took care of me directly at a time when I had truly given up. Through the Heart Gateway, all possibilities and miracles can enter. That’s why those who Volunteered here to help with the Ascension Mission were very careful to not corrupt their Hearts. They may have lost everything and everyone, but never their connection to Soul and Source. That was paramount and these Souls are the ‘Big Guns’, the Creator Beings, returned to direct Earth…

  • Are there Starseed Animals?

    It’s been four years since I lived this miraculous story and there is not one day that goes by that I don’t think of this Starseed Animal and I would never have ‘come out’ of my hermit closet and share the things I do if it wasn’t for her. In this Scroll, I share how nothing is ‘impossible’ to Source and the Higher Beings

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