• How polarized emotions and reactions drains us of Life Force ~ Find a better way of living

    Dear friends, When feeling the high of happiness or excitement for too long, we tend to give our energy away by focusing on the outside or go unconscious with busy work until we are depleted.  When we allow ourselves to fall to the other polarity and remain in sadness, anger, judgment, and lower patterns, we tend to focus on problems and amplify them, on what’s wrong with the world or ourselves. They are each an entire other dimension of being. In one we only see the ‘positive’ while in the other, chaos, pain or problems is all that we perceive.

  • Energy Mastery

    When we are self-aware and remain as Pure Presence at every moment, miracles and possibilities are open to us. Shifts begin at each moment, they are not to be planned for tomorrow or Monday – that’s a consciousness trap. By stopping to breathe and reset your reality, you are learning Mastery. The higher dimensional Beings such as the Angelics, Star People or Light Beings didn’t just achieve that state overnight. They reached their Mastery through eons of stillness and by going within. The best thing we can do for the world now is to align ourselves and to focus on Love, upliftment, Creativity, SOULutions, and things of a higher frequency.…

  • My multi-dimensional Vegan story

    This topic has been on my list of videos for a long time, it felt so good to record it 🙌😆  We have been receiving Creative Energies every other day since we reconnected back to the organic Universe, it feels like. In the video: My journey on discovering the biggest trauma and fear healing practice: Veganism. A multi-dimensional and spiritual perspective on this barbarism that is ending on Earth. I tracked back multi-dimensionally and energetically for the reason why we were feeding upon sentient Beings on Earth and found it was for the purpose of black magic. The galactic meaning of black magic. Bread crumbs, the signs that Source…

  • The Blue Lady in Mount Shasta ~ A Cosmic Story/Report

    I want to share an interesting vision I was called to witness while doing the Sunday Unity Meditation. This is not the first time I’ve seen what’s happening behind the veil after Sandra Walter’s meditation as its field is very strong after 4 years of consistency. When she removed the time that was good for me, I am not always able to stay awake but had instances where I woke up with a deep Knowing the next morning, as if I had been contacted or went to a meeting ‘upstairs’.

  • An advanced extraterrestrial school ~ A Cosmic ‘Story’ (and my first)

    During my One With Source experience in 2016, it was revealed to me why I started ‘seeing’ other worlds and people since the galactic alignment in 1999 (after being attacked with black magic as no positives arrived without the negatives in the polarized old Earth). Source showed me that I was to bring information, news, lost Light – you name it – from other worlds, amongst other missions. I felt (physically) that I had been out of body for half an hour but while ‘out there’, immersed into Oneness, it felt like 3 days and 3 nights. When I ‘came back’ I could barely make sense of what happened as…

  • Energy Update: Creational Fire

    Hi! This has been going on for a while and now that I ‘understand’ it a little better it is exciting and tough at the same time.  It is exciting because it’s a bolt of life and creativity. It is tough when it starts to burn everything not aligned and the clearing is intense and deep.  Source showed me more information on this so I’ll attempt to describe this ‘Fire’ first.

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