• A Gift from Dolphins & Whales

    This continues after this blog post when the Animals wanted to send a message to the Heart-Centered Humanity – the Caretakers. Later on, at night, I had a very special encounter and they brought a unique gift with them.

  • A Message from the Animal Consciousness

    Bless Innocence on Earth!   Animals, Nature, Children, Babies, and Seedlings, we all carry one of the rarest gifts on Earth.   We were put on Earth in a variety of species to remind the Caretakers of how a Soul manifests in physicality without the ego. We and the Innocents have very little self-awareness, but our Love and Gratitude are as big as the universe. We only Love and experience and we think that the Caretakers could ‘loosen up’ a bit as well, maybe slow down too.   We, the Animals, never rush anywhere, but our life is provided for… Somehow. We do not fight the time of our departure…

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