• The rewrite branching out everywhere (Vision)

    In this Scroll and going forwards I’ll continue to express what almost cannot be put into words.  The first thing that is important to share is what used to be a feeling can now be confirmed – months later – and that what I thought was me taking ‘courses’ in Lightships was actually

  • A Channeled Message from the Plant Collective

    Today’s INspiring message: By calling in Source and your Spiritual Support to help with clearing and renewal, you can have a deep restorative sleep every night, beginning anew every morning and in a higher energetic space.   A Channeled Message from the Plant Collective:     As an easier level of multidimensional communication is reached, the Plant Collective wanted to send us a channeled message of wisdom and hope.  This is an exciting new gift we can expect throughout the Ascension Process.    NEW SCROLL   In ‘New Earth School Vision’:   Receive Energies of Paradise Earth to support you in focusing on the New Light and your Creations/Service to…

  • New Earth School Vision

    I dreamed of the future and only remembered after my morning routine, when I sat down to journal a bit. Then what I saw hit me with full force as I remembered the details as if they were being downloaded. It was a surreal experience.   I was trying to navigate through a crumbling old Earth, full of concrete, unpleasant smells,

  • How to keep your Energy with you

    In the video, let’s talk about ways that our Energy gets siphoned, my experience as a sensitive Empath, and remembering your Birthrights that are backed up by Universal Laws: TIPS   Periodically call back all of your Energy. No need for anyone else to do this for you. We forgot that we have all the power that we need to be sovereign. It needs, however, to come from a place that you know that you are capable and powerful. That may take practice.   Remove drama and gently let go of people who are ungrateful, take you for granted, or leaves you drained, etc, even if you cannot see how…

  • A Gift from Dolphins & Whales

    This continues after this blog post when the Animals wanted to send a message to the Heart-Centered Humanity – the Caretakers. Later on, at night, I had a very special encounter and they brought a unique gift with them.

  • The end of the Original Separation Technique ~ Open up to Possibilities and Miracles

    I’ve recently received a visitation by the Star Family where they helped me with what can be called an ‘upgrade’. Throughout our journey, ‘down’ into density, many energetic blocks, thought-forms (beliefs) got lodged in our Light bodies and energy so we could even experience the Separation. We came to believe that things are really outside of ourselves and that frequency makes it so. Here is an introduction to the new cosmic technique where you will learn how to switch off this pattern, that continuously keep things outside of your reach.

  • Ascension Update – Gateway Preparation

    This is linked to the upcoming blog on the 11/11 but I am being called to share some additional tips in this Now. Dreams can help with many things: clearings, resolution of trauma, transmutation of energies, belief systems (we are supposed to live without these shackles), as well as to receive and integrate the New Light. There has been many integration and resolution type of dreams during sleep and if we don’t get attached to them, creating more stories of the old Earth, the better. I found that journaling them can release all of those emotions up and out of my fields. Don’t suppress them. If they bring the nostalgia…

  • Our core Energy

    Source is the ultimate artist. She/He Created all of us as completely different forms of Energies. Because of that, when we allow in other energies into our inner Universe or follow other people and agendas, we may lose sight of our Path and eventually, our own selves. Not following our Hearts (which is a compass) is one of the greatest root causes of ‘depression’, grief, despondency, lack of energy, INspiration, and more. In the video, we’ll talk about our core Energy and practices that can benefit you to get back on track with your blueprint and what you came here to BE and emanate, as the unique Energy that you…

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