• An advanced extraterrestrial school ~ A Cosmic ‘Story’ (and my first)

    During my One With Source experience in 2016, it was revealed to me why I started ‘seeing’ other worlds and people since the galactic alignment in 1999 (after being attacked with black magic as no positives arrived without the negatives in the polarized old Earth). Source showed me that I was to bring information, news, lost Light – you name it – from other worlds, amongst other missions. I felt (physically) that I had been out of body for half an hour but while ‘out there’, immersed into Oneness, it felt like 3 days and 3 nights. When I ‘came back’ I could barely make sense of what happened as…

  • How to cleanse emotional energy

    After processing your feelings and the inner energies that must go, think ‘It’s all right. It’s getting better.’ so you begin to come back into zero-point centeredness. I was processing some debris (triggered by a song he liked) of the fact that my father was an Earth Soul who committed to support me as a complete alien to Earth who never knew how to survive in density and barbarism. He was completely swallowed by the strong energies – manifested by the personality and entities – of my ex-mom. By the end, he joined with her in the hatred until I had no option but to choose my sanity (and even…

  • Visiting New Earth ~ The powerful Now

    My dreams became more intense since 2018 when many First Wavers started the most intense phase in Ascension Embodiment. While in there, I take ‘courses’, interact with other Lightworkers or Light Beings or in this case, I visited Paradise Earth.  I don’t know if that forest is ‘my place’ there but I’ve been laying down in this deserted yellow leaf-covered ground twice now. Both times I just stood there, looking up into a very yellow sky, feeling like there were very few people there, as most haven’t made the transition yet.

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