• Darkworkers & Lightwarriors

    I had to experience and re-adjust to the highest timelines and possibilities available through the great stress recent events brought for the opportunity for me to be initiated in the new octave of the higher realms. I was tested in higher levels of calm and neutrality, requiring a level of mastery never practiced before in this life stream. It felt like I was a Star observing the Universe but not being influenced by the stress and triggered reactions around me. A brand new technique for this was shared in the Scrolls as soon as I received it. There has been a heads up that has been brewing for my fellow…

  • ONE Humanity, 5D Pleiadians & more

    More than diversity and ‘races’, we are ONE big family called Humanity. Blessings in this ‘shake-off’ and great cleansing we are going through, touching us deeply.  As an earthly and omniversal ‘shaking off’ occurs, the dust comes up within us and it also happens in the entire Creation. You are not alone. I quit the mainstream (fearstream) news and other frequency lengths, and don’t go looking for the horrible things that happen as I am very sensitive and these things run in the background of our psyche for years.  However, many of us are here with many roles and one of them is to be the ‘eyes and ears’ for…

  • Cosmic Journey on Souls that went Home

    As shared, my mother passed away after our entrance to New Earth and when we stepped into much, much higher frequencies we’ve never experienced before. There is so much that I am understanding and Seeing that I am learning a new level of balance between processing and grieving, as well as understanding the higher lessons; while writing everything down to keep a record of it all. Most importantly, this experience brought a new puzzle piece on what is happening to Souls who are going back Home at the end of an era.

  • Be blessed by the Cosmic Mother on this day

    I wish a magical Mother’s Day to all of you, as well as honor those who are HUman or furry mothers too. But not all is bliss for many people on the planet, and those are the ones that I address, as they feel forgotten on days of celebration as many Starseeds came in Mission so they don’t get along with their bloodline, and this day can bring grief for some but it doesn’t have to be like that.   My biological mother just passed away as portals to New Earth opened. I am still mourning it and going through a great shift, and will share these Cosmic Journeys and…

  • Cosmic Journey and Sun intel

    The computer I had since 2011 ( from where I started my ‘Mission’ in 2013) finally showed signs it is asking for mercy and that I am cruel for continuing to expect more from it. It went through a slow breakdown until it finally could be used only as a ‘typewriter’. I guess it lived long and prospered as long as it could. I am so grateful for it. I was a very different person in 2011 and it had  been a great companion of the ascended life phase.

  • How to heal repeating crisis. Plus: Darkworkers, New Age, Life Purpose, & more

    ‘Seeing challenges as growth or lessons can change your perspective so you look for the gift within what you are going through. This brings the relief necessary for you to keep going, diminishing suffering.’   When we get stuck in the illusions or programs of the matrix, our Soul sometimes needs to jolt ourselves up through the opening of the Heart. That is not always pleasant but these wake up calls are exactly what we need to get on with the path of the Heart and Purpose. Many of these wake up calls come in the form of loss, breakdowns of identities, life areas, and anything that we need to…

  • The rewrite branching out everywhere (Vision)

    In this Scroll and going forwards I’ll continue to express what almost cannot be put into words.  The first thing that is important to share is what used to be a feeling can now be confirmed – months later – and that what I thought was me taking ‘courses’ in Lightships was actually

  • A Channeled Message from the Plant Collective

    Today’s INspiring message: By calling in Source and your Spiritual Support to help with clearing and renewal, you can have a deep restorative sleep every night, beginning anew every morning and in a higher energetic space.   A Channeled Message from the Plant Collective:     As an easier level of multidimensional communication is reached, the Plant Collective wanted to send us a channeled message of wisdom and hope.  This is an exciting new gift we can expect throughout the Ascension Process.    NEW SCROLL   In ‘New Earth School Vision’:   Receive Energies of Paradise Earth to support you in focusing on the New Light and your Creations/Service to…

  • New Earth School Vision

    I dreamed of the future and only remembered after my morning routine, when I sat down to journal a bit. Then what I saw hit me with full force as I remembered the details as if they were being downloaded. It was a surreal experience.   I was trying to navigate through a crumbling old Earth, full of concrete, unpleasant smells,

  • Creator Beings need to Create ~ Channeling powerful Energy

    As Creator Beings, the Heart-Centered HUmanity receives a type of Energy that is always flowing into their beautiful Souls. That Energy needs to be consciously channeled so it doesn’t harm or destroy the wilder of such power or those around her/him…    In the video, learn how to Create consciously and make Creative Energy work for you, instead of causing havoc in your life.      The Omniverse work in spirals and what we Create returns to us amplified, over and over, and that’s why we are the ones who benefit the most from the Love we give, while the same could be applied to the harm we infringe.…

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