• Truth can only be perceived through Peace

    In the new Vlog, let’s discuss how polarized and emotional states are lenses that prevent us from perceiving information with higher sensory perception, as well as an energy update for this time.  We only have so much energy now and as Humanity must come of age, we must be discerning of what we lend our consciousness to, and deal only with our priorities and Life Purpose. Otherwise, Source revealed that we may lose ourselves. We are also being called to step into our Creator Consciousness, and Love All Beings.   🌠 A ‘thousand’ years in Andromeda    In the new Scroll:   ~I’ll take you into my Soul’s memories…

  • A Gift from Dolphins & Whales

    This continues after this blog post when the Animals wanted to send a message to the Heart-Centered Humanity – the Caretakers. Later on, at night, I had a very special encounter and they brought a unique gift with them.

  • The Original Wound reset Meditation with the Lyrans

    As shared in older Scrolls I was shown how wilder things would get after the Lion’s Gate but I didn’t imagine that the clearings and resolutions would intensify with very little time in between. It also feels like time sped up so this is the other layer to that as everything of the old collapses. We are receiving a lot of help to clear and shift, so I was recently visited by the Lyran Family again. They brought with them a Cosmic Story related to all of us, all Fractals or Souls – the story of our beginning and why fear is so ingrained in our very energy, feelings, mind, and bodies.…

  • The Blue Lady in Mount Shasta ~ A Cosmic Story/Report

    I want to share an interesting vision I was called to witness while doing the Sunday Unity Meditation. This is not the first time I’ve seen what’s happening behind the veil after Sandra Walter’s meditation as its field is very strong after 4 years of consistency. When she removed the time that was good for me, I am not always able to stay awake but had instances where I woke up with a deep Knowing the next morning, as if I had been contacted or went to a meeting ‘upstairs’.

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