• The Original Wound reset Meditation with the Lyrans

    As shared in older Scrolls I was shown how wilder things would get after the Lion’s Gate but I didn’t imagine that the clearings and resolutions would intensify with very little time in between. It also feels like time sped up so this is the other layer to that as everything of the old collapses. We are receiving a lot of help to clear and shift, so I was recently visited by the Lyran Family again. They brought with them a Cosmic Story related to all of us, all Fractals or Souls – the story of our beginning and why fear is so ingrained in our very energy, feelings, mind, and bodies.…

  • Ascension Update – Flood Vision and Mission

    One of the things that we will achieve through the Ascension Process is the Return to Innocence: It is the return of our Creator Consciousness with a child-like Joy, Heart, Creativity, and so much more. This is not something to be acquired in the future. Many have already surrendered a lot and live in vulnerability (as the Lyrans shared recently in an older Blog post) and with an open Heart. But we can’t Create with the many energetic blockages we acquired on old Earth so we must cleanse and purge them before returning to that Consciousness, so we only Create uplifting and Loving things that benefit all Sentient Beings. When…

  • My multi-dimensional Vegan story

    This topic has been on my list of videos for a long time, it felt so good to record it 🙌😆  We have been receiving Creative Energies every other day since we reconnected back to the organic Universe, it feels like. In the video: My journey on discovering the biggest trauma and fear healing practice: Veganism. A multi-dimensional and spiritual perspective on this barbarism that is ending on Earth. I tracked back multi-dimensionally and energetically for the reason why we were feeding upon sentient Beings on Earth and found it was for the purpose of black magic. The galactic meaning of black magic. Bread crumbs, the signs that Source…

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  • Making the most out of the Solstice

    Dear Friends, In this video, I talk about the Solstice, tips to make the most of it, the change in the grid, the New Creation and Era, manifestation, and more:

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  • Lyran Star Reboot Treatment – The Root Race Steps In

    In this Scroll:   ✨ The Lyrans are offering this technology for you to reset yourself from inside out. ✨ As the HUman species began in Lyra, so must the Reboot for this New Era. ✨ How they appeared to me, a magical experience.

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