• Ascension Update

    It is important to understand when things are too difficult or the resistance too great that it may be that it is not the time for something, that we are being kept safe, or that the thing is not even aligned with our path at all. ~ Excerpt from the Scrolls   💖 Love, Bliss, & Miracles!   With every new moment having the potential for collective and individual shifts, staying in a high frequency and in Mission is important or one may be ‘washed’ away. As predicted a few years ago, when this became the world of the Heart-Centered, we see more and more of what that means in…

  • Find out what what your priorities are and what your Soul is leading you towards

    Updated. At every new Ascension step, we reach new levels that have their own frequencies and rules that are slightly different from the one below. Each new Energetic Space has a limit that can be seen as the floor and the roof. While experiencing that space, you have the highest that you can go and the lowest inside of that bubble or room.   To follow the limited lower or ego self is to allow chaos and suffering, while listening to the Soul leads to Ascendency, healing, and into our Life Purpose. No matter what challenges we encounter, that is meant for our growth, but there is no suffering in…

  • Are there Starseed Animals?

    It’s been four years since I lived this miraculous story and there is not one day that goes by that I don’t think of this Starseed Animal and I would never have ‘come out’ of my hermit closet and share the things I do if it wasn’t for her. In this Scroll, I share how nothing is ‘impossible’ to Source and the Higher Beings

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