• The 12/12 Gateway

    I see an upcoming zone or region that we will pass through that has the uttermost stillness, peace, and calming Energies. Before and after this crossing is a period of needed support so we integrate what we receive. I don’t know about you but I dove into such depths that I haven’t even functioned well since the 11/11. In times past, I went through similar passages by sleeping a lot, while participating very little in this plane, almost like I was pulled out of this dimension for upgrades. This time all was done while awake, which shows that many Volunteers are able to handle so much more now. As things…

  • The 10/10 Miracle Vortex and the Spiral Beings

    When we tap into the Child-like Creator Consciousness, we can open up to all possibilities and miracles in this Now. That practice needs to be added to our daily lives where we can get lost in what already has been Created and think that that’s all that is. Remember what Source said, that every moment now is an entirely new timeline and lifetime. That’s the window of opportunity that we can make the most of. It is available throughout the Shift. Then, a more permanent choice will be made as we split. In this Cosmic Journey, I brought a Story of meeting some very different Beings that it took me…

  • What is happening to fallen Souls, digressive Reptilians, etc?

    This is one of the hardest Cosmic/Shamanic Journeys I have to Scribe that it took me all of this time to even attempt it, and the timing is feeling right. I keep seeing Visions of the last October’s Clarion Call and I don’t know yet if it means that each one of us will be soon directed to our

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