• Bringers of the New

      View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Marta (@marssdia) on Oct 25, 2020 at 3:23pm PDT What great news to wake up to in the morning after my visualization for self and all. It seems that a sparrow has been sleeping here everyday. So cute! My Heart just melted. When she/he sees people coming closer, then he goes about his business and flies away and that’s why it was difficult to see. Now I understand why I hear a bird singing nearby sometimes, which always makes me smile. I guess we have a new guest here, just in time for the cold. I think they choose…

  • BE the energy

    Remove the energetic resonance by clearing any harm towards all Sentient Beings. Dream, act, speak, think, expect, intend, imagine, and Be the energy of Love and Peace. Make sure that the images in your mind and the feelings in your Heart shift you into a dimension of Love. Moment to moment choices will change your vibration, your life, then your field of influence, and eventually, the Planet. I was awoken with the inner and outer Source speaking in linear form. We are reminded that even the time to Choose eventually comes to an end. All that has happened in this highest of frequencies of 2020 – although chaotic and painful…

  • Ascension update, dimensional shift, and the Equinox

    Dear Family, I went through a definite dimensional shift at the beginning of September and I realized this could help others identify their own jumps if I share my experience. I often think of writing about them all but shifts and realizations happen so frequently that it is not possible anymore. First, there was the Ancestral clearing and liberation of Souls. At first, I thought because we are the generation that can remember and heal, we were releasing our bloodlines, as most – if not all – Starseeds volunteered to infiltrate the darkest families. After I went through my own process (a ceremony supported by the Shambalans was shared on…

  • What is happening to fallen Souls, digressive Reptilians, etc?

    Dear Friends, There is death and division occurring. Inner cleansing of what must go has also amplified. Assistance is available for the Open-Hearted. But what is happening around us has nothing to do with our Divine Path. Each must choose on their own and everyone is just picking their timelines now with what they fill themselves with and what they lend their energy to. Those without much Source/The Original Spark left try to get our attention/energy to fuel their existence. We are more powerful than we realize so we must keep to our own Path. NEW SCROLL ‘This is one of the hardest Cosmic/Shamanic Journeys I had to Scribe that…

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  • Update on the Lion’s Gate latest Scroll

    Dear Friends, What an incredible 88 that was. It made me forget to add something from the Scrolls that may be important to more of the Ascending. Source has been showing me Visions repeatedly of 2020 in imagery form. I saw the time until now as being an overall phase and that through the Lion’s Gate, we enter a new period where things (in the lower dimensions) will get wilder. But the 10/10, 11/11 and 12/12 always have the potential to shift realities and we can only imagine what this year will bring, although expectations – like beliefs – are lens and can block what these gateways are going to…

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  • 88 Lion’s Gate

    Dear Friends, There is a reason why the Spring Equinox and then Solstice’s energies brought increasing challenges for us to stay centered and in the Heart. The clearings have amplified. What could pass by in 2019 is now impossible not to see in 2020. We’ve been going through endless activations. We are being cracked open so the Love can come in and out. Overlays – such as Ancestral patterns of scarcity, feelings of rejection, low self-worth, etc – and blockages from Parallel Lives and Soul Journeys cannot go beyond this 88 gateway. So we have been purging a lot, forgiving and dealing with ‘stuff’ almost non-stop. The cleansing happens almost…

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  • Ancestral Healing with the Shambalans

    For us to go higher, we have to crack open even deeper layers and remove what is holding us down. Recently, I was contacted by new Guides from parallel lives and ancestors of this lifestream. I am sharing with you the Ancestral Healing work. In this ceremony, I guide you through a healing with the Shambalans (these are not guides or new to me, but they rarely contact us).      Open the possibilities for ancestral healing and send them Love. They really need it as we reach liberation and step into a higher realm. This may be painful work or bring up things that may surprise. These have…

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  • Ascension Update ~ Liberating Ancestors. Energetic blockages harming your lifestream (finance, social). Reptilians returning to Source… and Dolphin People?

    This was a fun and sometimes dark Scroll to write, so I could find no other title for it 😂 I am moving into the format of sharing more of my experience, rather than guidance as each one of us knows what’s best for ourselves and as I retire from the role of Guide. 

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  • Ascension Update: the matrix attacks. Learn how to neutralize them. All is more than well.

    Breathe deeply throughout this long article – or book! – (more than 10000 words) so you keep your balance and know that this is a SOULution-orientated Scroll. There will be tips on how to deal and completely neutralize these forces out of your life and also know that the ‘issue’ has already been resolved, processed and the entities/energies involved were arrested and sent back to Source. I was NOT hurt in the attack, although that was their intent. Everything the parasites try to pull off now backfires. Please remember one thing as you read: All is more than well. It’s important to say all that before we dive into the…

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  • Making the most out of the Solstice

    Dear Friends, In this video, I talk about the Solstice, tips to make the most of it, the change in the grid, the New Creation and Era, manifestation, and more:

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