• How to stop charging energetic blocks with your emotions

    When we agreed to Volunteer to help with Gaia’s Ascension, we took on many generational and societal patterns. That lowered our Consciousness and Frequency (or shrunk our Energy) so we could see things from the perspective of the lower dimensions. And then we were to climb back up the dimensions, remembering everything so we could ‘unshrink’ or expand. The Energetic Blocks acquired (before we were even born) are constantly charged by our emotional reactions to it, or when we live from that identity, believing we are those patterns, i.e: that we ARE the scarcity, inferiority complex, shame, guilt, trauma, or fear that we feel inside. The more we feel into…

  • A Gift from Dolphins & Whales

    This continues after this blog post when the Animals wanted to send a message to the Heart-Centered Humanity – the Caretakers. Later on, at night, I had a very special encounter and they brought a unique gift with them.

  • How to unhook from those who resented your Light ~ A Freeing Method for LightWorkers/DarkWorkers who dropped their old missions

    If you’ve been an Energy Transmuter then you may have received attacks if not been downright hated by those who consciously or unconsciously served the fear-matrix and knew that your presence alone was dismantling the system. With naturally strong and Loving energy, people’s wounds and fears probably erupted around you like volcanos as well. If that happened to you, you may have developed chronic social anxiety and even fear of people in general but know that taking all of that hatred personally is quite normal until you understand that the world was upside down. The fear-grid matrix of the planet itself was anti-Human.

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