• Ascension, Gifts & New Cosmic Journey

    Breathe…   Throughout the Ascension Journey, we keep expanding and evolving and before we know it, new Divine Gifts are activated, or re-activated, depending on the point of view. There is the HUman level and there is the Light Being level, coming to Earth on a Mission. For the first time, I was taken through a Cosmic Journey through dreams. I was ecstatic about it and it’s a much easier way to journey with our Consciousness.   I’ve acquired one more way to travel through the cosmos and universes and it was quite literally, reality shattering.   In dreams so much is being resolved effortlessly – however tiresome – and…

  • New Earth School Vision

    I dreamed of the future and only remembered after my morning routine, when I sat down to journal a bit. Then what I saw hit me with full force as I remembered the details as if they were being downloaded. It was a surreal experience.   I was trying to navigate through a crumbling old Earth, full of concrete, unpleasant smells,

  • The Solstice and The Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

    As Jupiter and Saturn align, an event that ushered the Renaissance ~ an increase in Ancient Souls/Creator level Beings on Earth ~ more than 300 years ago, Humanity’s trajectory towards Ascension solidified. Now, their number increased and they’ve been living in the world, those of the Christ/Crystalline Consciousness (truly Loving, harmless, in Service) Creating & Dreaming the New Light into physicalization with their Presence alone. From the outside, Source’s incoming Light is taking care of the rest. The frequencies of the planet have been rising and during this Solstice, the Sun will bring great Energies through the conjunction of two planets that will seem so aligned, they’ll almost merge as…

  • The end of the Original Separation Technique ~ Open up to Possibilities and Miracles

    I’ve recently received a visitation by the Star Family where they helped me with what can be called an ‘upgrade’. Throughout our journey, ‘down’ into density, many energetic blocks, thought-forms (beliefs) got lodged in our Light bodies and energy so we could even experience the Separation. We came to believe that things are really outside of ourselves and that frequency makes it so. Here is an introduction to the new cosmic technique where you will learn how to switch off this pattern, that continuously keep things outside of your reach.

  • Ascension Update – Gateway Preparation

    This is linked to the upcoming blog on the 11/11 but I am being called to share some additional tips in this Now. Dreams can help with many things: clearings, resolution of trauma, transmutation of energies, belief systems (we are supposed to live without these shackles), as well as to receive and integrate the New Light. There has been many integration and resolution type of dreams during sleep and if we don’t get attached to them, creating more stories of the old Earth, the better. I found that journaling them can release all of those emotions up and out of my fields. Don’t suppress them. If they bring the nostalgia…

  • Ascension update, dimensional shift, and the Equinox

    Dear Family, I went through a definite dimensional shift at the beginning of September and I realized this could help others identify their own jumps if I share my experience. I often think of writing about them all but shifts and realizations happen so frequently that it is not possible anymore. First, there was the Ancestral clearing and liberation of Souls. At first, I thought because we are the generation that can remember and heal, we were releasing our bloodlines, as most – if not all – Starseeds volunteered to infiltrate the darkest families. After I went through my own process (a ceremony supported by the Shambalans was shared on…

  • The Blue Lady in Mount Shasta ~ A Cosmic Story/Report

    I want to share an interesting vision I was called to witness while doing the Sunday Unity Meditation. This is not the first time I’ve seen what’s happening behind the veil after Sandra Walter’s meditation as its field is very strong after 4 years of consistency. When she removed the time that was good for me, I am not always able to stay awake but had instances where I woke up with a deep Knowing the next morning, as if I had been contacted or went to a meeting ‘upstairs’.

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