• Our core Energy

    Source is the ultimate artist. She/He Created all of us as completely different forms of Energies. Because of that, when we allow in other energies into our inner Universe or follow other people and agendas, we may lose sight of our Path and eventually, our own selves. Not following our Hearts (which is a compass) is one of the greatest root causes of ‘depression’, grief, despondency, lack of energy, INspiration, and more. In the video, we’ll talk about our core Energy and practices that can benefit you to get back on track with your blueprint and what you came here to BE and emanate, as the unique Energy that you…

  • The Original Wound reset Meditation with the Lyrans

    As shared in older Scrolls I was shown how wilder things would get after the Lion’s Gate but I didn’t imagine that the clearings and resolutions would intensify with very little time in between. It also feels like time sped up so this is the other layer to that as everything of the old collapses. We are receiving a lot of help to clear and shift, so I was recently visited by the Lyran Family again. They brought with them a Cosmic Story related to all of us, all Fractals or Souls – the story of our beginning and why fear is so ingrained in our very energy, feelings, mind, and bodies.…

  • Ascension Update – Massive exodus

    I don’t know all that is going on but I’ve seen something with inner Vision twice now so I’d like to record that here. As shared in the previous Scroll, I was in too much pain for a few days or in analgesics, so it was a blur. I first saw this Vision around the 14th or maybe later, so it is recent. That would make what is happening an ongoing event.

  • The Blue Lady in Mount Shasta ~ A Cosmic Story/Report

    I want to share an interesting vision I was called to witness while doing the Sunday Unity Meditation. This is not the first time I’ve seen what’s happening behind the veil after Sandra Walter’s meditation as its field is very strong after 4 years of consistency. When she removed the time that was good for me, I am not always able to stay awake but had instances where I woke up with a deep Knowing the next morning, as if I had been contacted or went to a meeting ‘upstairs’.

  • An advanced extraterrestrial school ~ A Cosmic ‘Story’ (and my first)

    During my One With Source experience in 2016, it was revealed to me why I started ‘seeing’ other worlds and people since the galactic alignment in 1999 (after being attacked with black magic as no positives arrived without the negatives in the polarized old Earth). Source showed me that I was to bring information, news, lost Light – you name it – from other worlds, amongst other missions. I felt (physically) that I had been out of body for half an hour but while ‘out there’, immersed into Oneness, it felt like 3 days and 3 nights. When I ‘came back’ I could barely make sense of what happened as…

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