My Journey to 6D Shambala – Descendants from Lemuria of Inner Earth


After many spontaneous activations, I went through what can be called a ‘Starseed Awakening’ in 2013.
I went on a journey to a magical realm and met a civilization that is very advanced, Loving and healed.
If you feel called to this offering, you are receiving an invitation to connect to their Energies.
The 6D Shambalans were once Lemurians and they live in Inner Earth, holding space for our evolution. They are the Earth Guardians.
They have been supporting HUmanity for a long time in silence and without recognition, and throughout history, they have connected with very few surface people.
Now, they begin their contact as some Ascended and Heart-centered reach the level where more possibilities are available.
I share with you my journey, what I’ve seen and learned.

The Scroll contains activating and shifting energies for your journey.


Marta 🌠

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