Energy Harmonizing Tool


Gift yourself or a Loved one with a Meditation Retreat and special Scroll.


We are going to work directly with Source, The Arcturians, The Lyrans, The Shambalans of Inner Earth (the first civilization and Earth Guardians), as well as the Aquatic Beings, who wanted to participate.


Be renewed, reborn, and cleared at the highest and deepest levels possible at each session.

This is a tool to be used throughout a lifetime of Ascension Processes.


Each Harmonized and Peaceful Human Being (Creator) is contributing with the manifestation of New Earth, as they are not fueling the old. Our Energy – focus, attention, and choices, are very important.


Let’s journey to an extraterrestrial planet, in the higher densities where the Sensitive Souls live in total balance, and bathe in their Harmonizing Lake.


*A free meditation with the Aquatic Beings is already on my youtube, another continuous practice that benefits Empaths. 


Thank you for your support of this Mission and the Animals.

Love and Blessings,


✨ Marta

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