🌠 Multidimensional Life Purpose Retreat


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I AM Marta and I will guide you on a multidimensional retreat, with this exciting technique and brand new cosmic method directly from the Source Field, so you can begin to pull your Life Purpose into your physical and practical life, or to expand in your Service.


I’ve been doing this exercise from time to time and on those days I am more energized and INspired. You can expect many benefits from this technique. It is the feeling of expectation and openness that makes more possibilities available for you at every moment, instead of closing yourself off by checking the past to see how you are doing in the present, which can lock you in a dimensional loop.


This tool is recommended for Old and Ancient Souls who may be feeling bored, as they didn’t incarnate here to learn much or resolve karma, but because of their Missions alone. 


Ancient Souls are a small group of older Sisters and Brothers that live a Peaceful, Loving/Harmless, and Service to Others’ lifestyle. They Love all as they Love themselves.


If you are an Old or an Ancient Soul, chances are that you experienced, remembered and learned much throughout your long Soul Life and you only came down to density or Earth to accomplish your Life Purpose. 

If so, you probably feel bored or unfulfilled by what life on Earth has to offer and you also don’t fit in as well.


If you feel like a fish out of water ever since you were born, then it may be because you live ahead of your time and you have been tapping into a much higher Consciousness Level. All this time. Creative and idealistic people must live in Service To Others to reach their highest potential.


In that case, that void, dissatisfaction, or despondency you feel could be originating from your Soul wishing to accomplish what is written in your Blueprint.


*The free video ‘Why you never feel ready for your Life Purpose or anything really’ is part of this tool:



In this special Scroll & Course:


What Ancient Souls are here to do and why are they different

How was life before and after I started to consistently live my Life Purpose

Benefits of living our Mission

Taking the pressure off

No need to sacrifice yourself for free inside a financial system

Self-sustainable Mission for the long run

Your Divine Blueprint and Gifts

Creating the space for receiving and magnetizing

Co-Creating with Source

Incremental and tiny steps

Receiving Life Force

Showing up and demonstrating to the Universe

New Earth Leaders getting into place

The rightful energetic space

The Universal Truth and Law of Generosity, mostly forgotten on Earth


BEing a Fountain

Teaching and BEing the example

Connecting to the future

How to Create

The Visualization

The influence of the Heart-Centered (Angelic HUman)

The highest frequency on the planet

Personal sharing and struggles on my own Life Purpose

Energy, Service, and Presence

Suffering and low vibration

The changes encoded in this Multidimensional Retreat and Scroll

Collective Energies and veils

Learn a new and unique type of meditation and alternate states

Bridging the ether to the physical and Creating real change

Your Mission and You

Galactic Consciousness Level

The real Leaders

When Lightwarriors and Source worked together

Things will considerably change on our planet

Many are being called

This is the last lifetime for many of us

Accomplishing our Mission now so we don’t have to return

This was and is the decisive lifetime

All on Earth living their most INspired lives Vision

Bridging the timeline where you already accomplished your Mission on Earth

Your Energy in the Multiverse

Soul name

Why Source fractalized ItSelf

Heart of a Child Vibration

The judgment pattern


* The current price is for a limited time and it may change in the future


Return to the Heart of a Child to activate the Creator Consciousness.


🌠 Love, Bliss, & Miracles!


✰ Marta  


Thank you for supporting Lightworkers and my Mission with Animals.


Please do not share any part of this unique gift, allowing change makers to be self-sustained so we give from  an overflowing fountain, able to keep going, shift the planet, and accomplish what only we came here to do.

By supporting those who helped us in any way, we get out of the planetary energetic debt we were all born into on this planet.

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