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✨ Supporters access:

The Scrolls
Cosmic Stories
How is Life On Other Planets & Universes
Source, Star Nations, Light & Inner Earth Beings’ Messages
Ascension Updates
Receive Light/information, energies, activations and techniques that never been to Earth before.
Create from the Higher Realms and bring that into your physical reality.
Remember how was life in the Higher Realms and re-access Universal Laws and Truths
Become Multidimensional & One With Source
A safe place where you can freely express yourself in pure Source Energy, without being judged.
Be supported in your focus on the New and the Higher.
A comment section where you can safely open up and be understood, tapping into Home Frequency again.
If you never fit in anywhere in the barbaric system, this may be the space for you. You are an Ancient Soul who was just ahead of your ‘time’.
Some of the information inside is for integration so this is a place for those who have healed enough. Follow your sovereign authority and inner guidance.
Members may ask me any questions and I will help if I know how.

Enter a retreat in zero-point space to Create and open up to All Possibilities & Miracles to enter your physical life…
And receive support in staying connected to Paradise Earth.

Thank you for supporting the Animals and for keeping this Mission going.

Love and Bliss,

Marta 🌠

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