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How to end suffering during the Ascension Process opportunity - Cosmic Storyteller

We came here to thrive!

I kept solving the root causes of suffering in my life and found one thing that keeps people from the higher dimensions of being.

Above a certain energetic barrier, everything opened up, while below it, there was always trauma, and pain.

Learn about what is usually the last link hooking you to the lower dimensions, and one of the last patterns to go on the Ascension & Awakening Processes.

Make this a lifetime practice, until you BEcome a more authentic You: your Soul living, grounding, and BEing in the physical.

Close yourself from this vulnerability and become sovereign.

This Lesson is in Eco-friendly PDF format. You can however print the Lesson to carry with you if you need.

Also included

A multidimensional technique to practice until you can embody this new way of being that changes everything.

I practiced this on and off, since I was a teenager, which helped me to get to the root causes, as well as make course corrections.

If you have any questions related to this Lesson, I’ll be answering them in our high frequency group for a while.

Add me on Telegram also, where you can also ask the Lesson’s related questions and receive free support in staying in a high frequency.

Anyone can JOYin, not only those who take the Lesson. 

If this resonates with you, your Soul brought you here.

Strengthen your connection to Source and bring your Soul to the physical so you can eventually live your Life Purpose. Service is Love in action, which brings our highest probabilities.

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Blessings, Peace, and Abundance!

You are SO Loved! 

Feel and remember this. 

Through feelings, you can always remember Eternal Truths.

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