Original Separation Void Session

In this session, we intend to stay connected with Mother God’s Love to heal, fill with Light and cauterize ‘the void’ wounds.


‘The void’ are the vulnerable spaces opened from the Original Separation or aggravated when Starseed Volunteers were electrocuted while crossing Earth’s fear/anti-Christ grid while She’d been in a prison planet and quarantined state. That’s when we lost our memories and the event was traumatizing to our Soul.


These empty spaces inside can be portals and houses for lower energies. It may be where we hold addictions, deep and never ending loneliness, a suffering that never goes away or the constant need to fill ourselves with something external. It can be deceiving, by replacing one addiction for another because the root cause – these void spaces – haven’t been filled and sealed. When left for too long, this void may turn into a black hole.


No space ever remains empty so it’s important that we clear the room of the inner temple, change its resonance and consecrate it to what we want to inhabit it: always to the One God Source which Created us.


A clear declaration or prayer returning our dedication and consecration to our true God/Home is important as most of us connected with false gods or parents on this planet at one point, which was actually a parasitic entity.


It is recommended that you lay down for this treatment. You can use a crystal that calls to you and hold it over your Heart with your hand to amplify the session if needed. You may need to rest after deep multidimensional treatments like this.


Contains a 27 minute mp3 audio.


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