Fairy-tale and other thought forms

The intention of this tool is to bring awareness and clear the ‘fairytale’ or implants such as the white knight, savior, happily ever after and similar thought forms and ideas. All happens in Divine Time, and we are at the point that we must address this issue. 

Implants can be dead or manipulative energy, just an idea accepted when we were little, when we were not discerning enough due to not knowing what goes on multidimensionally, or during traumatic events that leave our energy wide open. There are also the savior, white knight, and other similar beliefs that can send both genders into misery throughout their lifetime because it grows and spreads, creating an entire unbalanced paradigm. 

Much of the current entertainment (entrainment) for Children is full of mind control and multidimensional harm.

On free, healed and advanced worlds and realms, Children are a priority. They come to parents/guardians who prepared for such a Mission and they are guided at the level they can handle but they are not lied to. 

No one is right, wrong, better or worse if they choose to have Children or not. We must consider this courageous and sincerely, asking ourselves if we are prepared or even if this is one of our Soul Purposes at all.

 It is important to gently prepare Children for this world, to be strong, fair and see things for what they really are. 

Parents can find and Create Soulutions to INspire, educate, and have fun with their kids. Creativity, Love for all Sentient Life and Love for Self, Spirituality must be at the forefront so they can be happy, confident, wise, decent and Harmless Earth Stewards. 

We may be living an INspired life and these deeply buried implanted thoughts can subtly keep us from breaking the glass ceiling, over and over, to the point we want to quit all sorts of things in life because we are always drained and disappointed.


 These implants may cause:

 Constant energy drainage of unknown origin. 

Always having an unrealistic idea of the future, that we will reach an imaginary end, maybe when we make friends, or when we get married then maybe we’ll be happy, or when we grow up we’ll have all figure out, only to get ‘there’ and then feeling intense anxiety and not knowing it’s coming from disappointment. Painful feelings are generally not coming from what they appear to be at a surface level.

There are constant disappointments and expectations of the world, with events, with people, with dates and waiting for the next event, or with whom we subconsciously thought were our saviors or knew more than us: spiritual teachers, healers, motivational speakers, parents, public people or ‘authority’ figures that we gave our power away to. At times, those who put themselves in place of authority have been covertly sending the message that they do know more or are more capable than others.  

This thought form may be the root cause of great suffering.

Beliefs, implants, etc are lenses that can even distort what we think we hear or read. 

Issues must be resolved within as we take responsibility for our own Consciousness, Energy, and Feelings, not only because the Laws are returning and the consequences of misuse of Energy is causing backlashes but also because things amplified.

Due to this block, we may also get hooked onto dates, building up excitement and hope that is being siphoned, and then crash down when  things don’t result in happiness, or perfection, or utopia, or in prosperity.

As long as these blocks remain, we always go back to that loop of retreating to fantasy lands that are consciousness traps. We must move out of it because our journey is what is happening right now and this is the only space and time where we have power.

We also mostly live for a goal or a big moment, and with so much expectation, the experience will always disappoint. We keep going up and down, which is extremely unhealthy for the energy fields, nervous system, paradigm, feeling and physical bodies.

There is also an underlying feeling of dissatisfaction, of seeking things outside of ourselves as it is designed to disempower us.

Most Heartbreaking of all, is that it feeds on the person’s deepest vulnerabilities. These are the dusty corners we must look into, and why it is so important that we ‘know thyself’.

It grows and spreads/spills into other areas of life, as energy does. That’s why we must be mindful of everything we pay attention to or that we allow into our bodies, consciousness, as well as the environments, conversations and people we allow into our lives.

These hooks are present in certain mainstream movies, series, music, best-sellers, certain new age & self-help teachings, ‘influential’ people, etc. There are some channeled materials that come with hooks and implants as well, or from spiritual people who don’t do the inner work and ego clearing.

It also preys on our pain, and is activated when we are overwhelmed or want to dissociate, and don’t want to see things for what they are, or can’t accept life as it is now. An antidote to this is to clear all beliefs/blindfolds so we can continue to become, as well as receive more of the Divine that we are, and ground in the moment.

Presence prevents trauma.

Some implants bury themselves over time, making them hard to find, using our own Energy to fuel them. Other softwares can go dormant for years.

While active and discreetly running in the background, it distorts our perception, so we hear, see and understand things wrong and may blame the messenger. As long as we haven’t removed all tinted lenses, beliefs and biases, our perception will always be distorted and this is one of the reasons why people in different frequency levels cannot understand each other, even if there is a seemingly common language.

By filling ourselves with Love, in Service to Others (Love grounded and in action), meditating, and keeping our Hearts open, these things won’t survive for very long in such God’s Neutral Frequency.

Being Love/Harmless eventually protects us and reconnects us to the God Source. Only in a Harmless chalice, Love can be poured in.

There is no shame in being caught up in illusions. It is only an issue when we don’t want to look within and face ourselves, or cleanse the dusty corners of our temple.

Those who went through extreme abuse and trauma as children are more susceptible to dissociation into astral bliss realms, delusions and fantasies.


The Guardians will work with us to clear this. 

We will also connect with God Beings who Ascended beyond our dimensional Universe, with their Story and Energies to resolve illusions, who once lived in a water world.

Practice as many times as needed.

Contains a Pdf Lesson and a 25 minute audio with a Cosmic Story for this time and Clearing Session.


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