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  • Cosmic Story – Synthetic extraterrestrial entities

    I don’t even know where to begin so I’ll just narrate everything that happened.   I went to sleep at around 9 pm and woke up too early at 4 am next day, so I decided to go back to sleep and I put on some relaxing music. I couldn’t so I ended up meditating for maybe an hour, with my hand on my Heart, which is soothing and calming, as our hands are healing.   My communion with Source turned into sleep which turned into a ‘dream’. It was a cosmic journey but for the first time, I was unconscious and this way is SO much better and easier…

  • The rewrite branching out everywhere (Vision)

    In this Scroll and going forwards I’ll continue to express what almost cannot be put into words.  The first thing that is important to share is what used to be a feeling can now be confirmed – months later – and that what I thought was me taking ‘courses’ in Lightships was actually

  • Living Ascended lives in the lower dimensions

    What I feel guided to share have at least two perspectives to it. One is that the Ascended is returning to their original state before leaving much of ‘themselves’ – their Light – behind to take form in density. When you tap into this perspective often, you are reminded that Ascension is not

  • New Earth School Vision

    I dreamed of the future and only remembered after my morning routine, when I sat down to journal a bit. Then what I saw hit me with full force as I remembered the details as if they were being downloaded. It was a surreal experience.   I was trying to navigate through a crumbling old Earth, full of concrete, unpleasant smells,

  • Dodging 5G and other attempts

    Updated on January 17. Much Love. Let’s talk about a more grounded and low vibrational subject but that can guide you in stepping into higher dimensions as well as eliminate certain things from even appearing in your reality.

  • Where are the Earth Souls needing rehabilitation going to?

    Welcome to the ‘New’ Year! I embrace you in infinite Love, wishing you the highest Blessings, Abundance, Courage, Strength, and Creativity!   I hope you are doing well after the Energies stepped up again, supporting our entrance into the New Era. More than ever, it’s important that we don’t check with how things were to live but especially, to Create in the Now.   Breathing to reset often, is a great practice. As well as disconnecting from everything to go within.   Since I started to Ascend from the lower dimensions in 1998,

  • A Gift from Dolphins & Whales

    This continues after this blog post when the Animals wanted to send a message to the Heart-Centered Humanity – the Caretakers. Later on, at night, I had a very special encounter and they brought a unique gift with them.

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