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  • Crumbling religions & Burning churches

    ✡️ Before we begin, a personal update on the controlled everything. I had problems with Facebook and Instagram, and the Soulution I’ve found is to hold a new space on Telegram, who feels parasite-free for now. By staying grounded in the moment, we eventually or immediately find a way. Or if it takes a while, it may be that the way is being Created. ✡️ To explain what I’ve Seen, I could point out an article to the burning catholic churches but that is not where the story begins. So I’ll point out this one.

  • How to Manifest and Magnetize

    It took me a lifetime to remember this Cosmic Lesson, as it has been blocked before, when I tried to live an Ascended Life at 16.  I feel this must be overexplained, with many examples, because we are all different and some details may stand out to one person while another will grasp something else, so this will be a long one. This is also how Source and my Spiritual Support nudged me to remember, with many different life situations, until I could understand how to manifest from all angles. These are my own notes first and foremost, because I will return to it when necessary, as we build and…

  • Cosmic Journey on Souls that went Home

    As shared, my mother passed away after our entrance to New Earth and when we stepped into much, much higher frequencies we’ve never experienced before. There is so much that I am understanding and Seeing that I am learning a new level of balance between processing and grieving, as well as understanding the higher lessons; while writing everything down to keep a record of it all. Most importantly, this experience brought a new puzzle piece on what is happening to Souls who are going back Home at the end of an era.

  • Cosmic Journey and Sun intel

    The computer I had since 2011 ( from where I started my ‘Mission’ in 2013) finally showed signs it is asking for mercy and that I am cruel for continuing to expect more from it. It went through a slow breakdown until it finally could be used only as a ‘typewriter’. I guess it lived long and prospered as long as it could. I am so grateful for it. I was a very different person in 2011 and it had  been a great companion of the ascended life phase.

  • Why did God allow this? 

    As we leave the great Separation Experience behind, I just returned from what it seems like a course in remembrance I took upstairs, and this new information can hopefully bring you the highest good, be it by soothing your Heart, returning more of You that you left behind, helping you integrate from your time in density, or whatever you need that you may not be aware of.   For me, the return of more and more of all that I AM (galactic, angelic, Source, and more ‘parts’ left ‘outside’ of density and physicality) is painful, emotional, and tiresome at times but I feel more whole than yesterday, able to access…

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