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  • Karmaless Life Force

    The Ascension Journey was also about Soul Evolution, we are learning now, and not just what is happening on Earth.     In the same way that some have recently stepped into the next stage of the Ascension spiraling ladder, after a 9 month birthing process of battling the ‘snake’ for the attainment of the Khrist Consciousness, others may seem to flip and go the descending direction but that it may not be a shift but something that was always there and now it just seems clear.   We must use our discernment, and practice Balance and Now Moment perspective, as what was hidden continued to be revealed, especially from within,…

  • Upgrading our reality

    Let’s take a moment to breathe and center ourselves…   When we learn our Soul’s lesson, we break a loop we’ve been stuck in.   Being stuck in a loop is a great cause of suffering. The root cause is always within ourselves. At times, we need to clear shadows, blocks, dusty corners, or where we are out of integrity, or we must align ourselves with God Source or Love – which are the same thing in terms of direction. 

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