• The rewrite branching out everywhere (Vision)

    In this Scroll and going forwards I’ll continue to express what almost cannot be put into words.  The first thing that is important to share is what used to be a feeling can now be confirmed – months later – and that what I thought was me taking ‘courses’ in Lightships was actually

  • Ascension Update

    It is important to understand when things are too difficult or the resistance too great that it may be that it is not the time for something, that we are being kept safe, or that the thing is not even aligned with our path at all. ~ Excerpt from the Scrolls   💖 Love, Bliss, & Miracles!   With every new moment having the potential for collective and individual shifts, staying in a high frequency and in Mission is important or one may be ‘washed’ away. As predicted a few years ago, when this became the world of the Heart-Centered, we see more and more of what that means in…

  • Star Nations, Ascension Update, judgment clearing & new tool

    Every Soul is so important at this time and forever, as each is infinitely Loved and protected. There is nothing that you need to do or become to be ‘worthy’ ~ Source   Over the years, I remembered this eternal truth that became distorted as we entered the artificial matrix for our Volunteer Mission. We were indoctrinated to believe in many unworthiness and insecurity generating thought forms and Energetic Blocks, especially Females. The more thought forms we carry, the denser and more polarized we get. A sovereign life starts when we clear all beliefs – ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – which are all lenses that stop us from seeing the Truth.…

  • Dodging 5G and other attempts

    Updated on January 17. Much Love. Let’s talk about a more grounded and low vibrational subject but that can guide you in stepping into higher dimensions as well as eliminate certain things from even appearing in your reality.

  • The Solstice and The Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

    As Jupiter and Saturn align, an event that ushered the Renaissance ~ an increase in Ancient Souls/Creator level Beings on Earth ~ more than 300 years ago, Humanity’s trajectory towards Ascension solidified. Now, their number increased and they’ve been living in the world, those of the Christ/Crystalline Consciousness (truly Loving, harmless, in Service) Creating & Dreaming the New Light into physicalization with their Presence alone. From the outside, Source’s incoming Light is taking care of the rest. The frequencies of the planet have been rising and during this Solstice, the Sun will bring great Energies through the conjunction of two planets that will seem so aligned, they’ll almost merge as…

  • The wave update

    I just want to post a quick update on what I’ve been seeing. I attach no meaning to the Vision as each one of us decides how we ride them. I wasn’t going to post anything and dive deep until after the Solstice but this keeps repeating as well as the feeling it should be shared if I could move 😁

  • Vortex of Possibilities and a Multidimensional Practice

    I feel it’s important to share the latest Vision or Cosmic Story so those who resonate can be prepared to ‘vibe’ with this opening vortex we will cross.  As always, we must BE in that space before it happens, so the higher levels and guides give us a ‘heads up’ so I always have a ‘feeling’ – and in recent years – Visions that can explain what words cannot.

  • Are there Starseed Animals?

    It’s been four years since I lived this miraculous story and there is not one day that goes by that I don’t think of this Starseed Animal and I would never have ‘come out’ of my hermit closet and share the things I do if it wasn’t for her. In this Scroll, I share how nothing is ‘impossible’ to Source and the Higher Beings

  • Ascension Update – Gateway Preparation

    This is linked to the upcoming blog on the 11/11 but I am being called to share some additional tips in this Now. Dreams can help with many things: clearings, resolution of trauma, transmutation of energies, belief systems (we are supposed to live without these shackles), as well as to receive and integrate the New Light. There has been many integration and resolution type of dreams during sleep and if we don’t get attached to them, creating more stories of the old Earth, the better. I found that journaling them can release all of those emotions up and out of my fields. Don’t suppress them. If they bring the nostalgia…

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