• What is happening to fallen Souls, digressive Reptilians, etc?

    Dear Friends, There is death and division occurring. Inner cleansing of what must go has also amplified. Assistance is available for the Open-Hearted. But what is happening around us has nothing to do with our Divine Path. Each must choose on their own and everyone is just picking their timelines now with what they fill themselves with and what they lend their energy to. Those without much Source/The Original Spark left try to get our attention/energy to fuel their existence. We are more powerful than we realize so we must keep to our own Path. NEW SCROLL ‘This is one of the hardest Cosmic/Shamanic Journeys I had to Scribe that…

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  • Update on the Lion’s Gate latest Scroll

    Dear Friends, What an incredible 88 that was. It made me forget to add something from the Scrolls that may be important to more of the Ascending. Source has been showing me Visions repeatedly of 2020 in imagery form. I saw the time until now as being an overall phase and that through the Lion’s Gate, we enter a new period where things (in the lower dimensions) will get wilder. But the 10/10, 11/11 and 12/12 always have the potential to shift realities and we can only imagine what this year will bring, although expectations – like beliefs – are lens and can block what these gateways are going to…

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  • 88 Lion’s Gate

    Dear Friends, There is a reason why the Spring Equinox and then Solstice’s energies brought increasing challenges for us to stay centered and in the Heart. The clearings have amplified. What could pass by in 2019 is now impossible not to see in 2020. We’ve been going through endless activations. We are being cracked open so the Love can come in and out. Overlays – such as Ancestral patterns of scarcity, feelings of rejection, low self-worth, etc – and blockages from Parallel Lives and Soul Journeys cannot go beyond this 88 gateway. So we have been purging a lot, forgiving and dealing with ‘stuff’ almost non-stop. The cleansing happens almost…

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  • Ancestral Healing with the Shambalans

    For us to go higher, we have to crack open even deeper layers and remove what is holding us down. Recently, I was contacted by new Guides from parallel lives and ancestors of this lifestream. I am sharing with you the Ancestral Healing work. In this ceremony, I guide you through a healing with the Shambalans (these are not guides or new to me, but they rarely contact us).      Open the possibilities for ancestral healing and send them Love. They really need it as we reach liberation and step into a higher realm. This may be painful work or bring up things that may surprise. These have…

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  • How polarized emotions and reactions drains us of Life Force ~ Find a better way of living

    Dear friends, When feeling the high of happiness or excitement for too long, we tend to give our energy away by focusing on the outside or go unconscious with busy work until we are depleted.  When we allow ourselves to fall to the other polarity and remain in sadness, anger, judgment, and lower patterns, we tend to focus on problems and amplify them, on what’s wrong with the world or ourselves. They are each an entire other dimension of being. In one we only see the ‘positive’ while in the other, chaos, pain or problems is all that we perceive.

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  • Energy Mastery

    When we are self-aware and remain as Pure Presence at every moment, miracles and possibilities are open to us. Shifts begin at each moment, they are not to be planned for tomorrow or Monday – that’s a consciousness trap. By stopping to breathe and reset your reality, you are learning Mastery. The higher dimensional Beings such as the Angelics, Star People or Light Beings didn’t just achieve that state overnight. They reached their Mastery through eons of stillness and by going within. The best thing we can do for the world now is to align ourselves and to focus on Love, upliftment, Creativity, SOULutions, and things of a higher frequency.…

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  • My multi-dimensional Vegan story

    This topic has been on my list of videos for a long time, it felt so good to record it 🙌😆  We have been receiving Creative Energies every other day since we reconnected back to the organic Universe, it feels like. In the video: My journey on discovering the biggest trauma and fear healing practice: Veganism. A multi-dimensional and spiritual perspective on this barbarism that is ending on Earth. I tracked back multi-dimensionally and energetically for the reason why we were feeding upon sentient Beings on Earth and found it was for the purpose of black magic. The galactic meaning of black magic. Bread crumbs, the signs that Source…

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  • Making the most out of the Solstice

    Dear Friends, In this video, I talk about the Solstice, tips to make the most of it, the change in the grid, the New Creation and Era, manifestation, and more:

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