• Find out what what your priorities are and what your Soul is leading you towards

    Updated. At every new Ascension step, we reach new levels that have their own frequencies and rules that are slightly different from the one below. Each new Energetic Space has a limit that can be seen as the floor and the roof. While experiencing that space, you have the highest that you can go and the lowest inside of that bubble or room.   To follow the limited lower or ego self is to allow chaos and suffering, while listening to the Soul leads to Ascendency, healing, and into our Life Purpose. No matter what challenges we encounter, that is meant for our growth, but there is no suffering in…

  • How to keep your Energy with you

    In the video, let’s talk about ways that our Energy gets siphoned, my experience as a sensitive Empath, and remembering your Birthrights that are backed up by Universal Laws: TIPS   Periodically call back all of your Energy. No need for anyone else to do this for you. We forgot that we have all the power that we need to be sovereign. It needs, however, to come from a place that you know that you are capable and powerful. That may take practice.   Remove drama and gently let go of people who are ungrateful, take you for granted, or leaves you drained, etc, even if you cannot see how…

  • Where are the Earth Souls needing rehabilitation going to?

    Welcome to the ‘New’ Year! I embrace you in infinite Love, wishing you the highest Blessings, Abundance, Courage, Strength, and Creativity!   I hope you are doing well after the Energies stepped up again, supporting our entrance into the New Era. More than ever, it’s important that we don’t check with how things were to live but especially, to Create in the Now.   Breathing to reset often, is a great practice. As well as disconnecting from everything to go within.   Since I started to Ascend from the lower dimensions in 1998,

  • Happy New Era

    May you tap into your highest possibilities May you open up into more Love, more Bliss, more Abundance… …And Be One With Source! May we live in a Humanitarian, Vegan, & Environmentally Loving planet, more and more. May our Dreams and Visions of Unity be true. Now. And So It Is. Tap into all possibilities & miracles often. Live, feel, envision, and act from that state, bringing the ‘future’ into the Now. I Love You. Thank you for your Service and Presence on Earth. You are SO Loved. You are seen. You are never alone.   ✨ Marta Sasai

  • How to stop charging energetic blocks with your emotions

    When we agreed to Volunteer to help with Gaia’s Ascension, we took on many generational and societal patterns. That lowered our Consciousness and Frequency (or shrunk our Energy) so we could see things from the perspective of the lower dimensions. And then we were to climb back up the dimensions, remembering everything so we could ‘unshrink’ or expand. The Energetic Blocks acquired (before we were even born) are constantly charged by our emotional reactions to it, or when we live from that identity, believing we are those patterns, i.e: that we ARE the scarcity, inferiority complex, shame, guilt, trauma, or fear that we feel inside. The more we feel into…

  • A Gift from Dolphins & Whales

    This continues after this blog post when the Animals wanted to send a message to the Heart-Centered Humanity – the Caretakers. Later on, at night, I had a very special encounter and they brought a unique gift with them.

  • A Message from the Animal Consciousness

    Bless Innocence on Earth!   Animals, Nature, Children, Babies, and Seedlings, we all carry one of the rarest gifts on Earth.   We were put on Earth in a variety of species to remind the Caretakers of how a Soul manifests in physicality without the ego. We and the Innocents have very little self-awareness, but our Love and Gratitude are as big as the universe. We only Love and experience and we think that the Caretakers could ‘loosen up’ a bit as well, maybe slow down too.   We, the Animals, never rush anywhere, but our life is provided for… Somehow. We do not fight the time of our departure…

  • The Solstice and The Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

    As Jupiter and Saturn align, an event that ushered the Renaissance ~ an increase in Ancient Souls/Creator level Beings on Earth ~ more than 300 years ago, Humanity’s trajectory towards Ascension solidified. Now, their number increased and they’ve been living in the world, those of the Christ/Crystalline Consciousness (truly Loving, harmless, in Service) Creating & Dreaming the New Light into physicalization with their Presence alone. From the outside, Source’s incoming Light is taking care of the rest. The frequencies of the planet have been rising and during this Solstice, the Sun will bring great Energies through the conjunction of two planets that will seem so aligned, they’ll almost merge as…

  • The wave update

    I just want to post a quick update on what I’ve been seeing. I attach no meaning to the Vision as each one of us decides how we ride them. I wasn’t going to post anything and dive deep until after the Solstice but this keeps repeating as well as the feeling it should be shared if I could move 😁

  • The 12/12 Gateway

    I see an upcoming zone or region that we will pass through that has the uttermost stillness, peace, and calming Energies. Before and after this crossing is a period of needed support so we integrate what we receive. I don’t know about you but I dove into such depths that I haven’t even functioned well since the 11/11. In times past, I went through similar passages by sleeping a lot, while participating very little in this plane, almost like I was pulled out of this dimension for upgrades. This time all was done while awake, which shows that many Volunteers are able to handle so much more now. As things…

  • Vortex of Possibilities and a Multidimensional Practice

    I feel it’s important to share the latest Vision or Cosmic Story so those who resonate can be prepared to ‘vibe’ with this opening vortex we will cross.  As always, we must BE in that space before it happens, so the higher levels and guides give us a ‘heads up’ so I always have a ‘feeling’ – and in recent years – Visions that can explain what words cannot.

  • Starseed Animals

    It’s been four years since I lived this divine miracle, showing how nothing is impossible to our Spiritual Support if we keep our Hearts. I was also shown how Loved I AM as Source took care of me directly at a time when I had truly given up. Through the Heart Gateway, all possibilities and miracles can enter. That’s why those who Volunteered here to help with the Ascension Mission were very careful to not corrupt their Hearts. They may have lost everything and everyone, but never their connection to Soul and Source. That was paramount and these Souls are the ‘Big Guns’, the Creator Beings, returned to direct Earth…

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