Hi, I am Marta, a Cosmic Storyteller bringing new energies and information for the New Era.

In 2016, I had a ‘becoming one with Source’ experience that helped me to put the puzzle pieces of my Missions together. I also understood what was going on in this world – over the years – and why Darkworkers and Lightwarriors were so attacked.

It turned out that the Divine Volunteers were the Light ‘virus’ in the fear matrix that was doing everything it could to save itself. It wasn’t our fault, neither we ‘attracted’ or ‘deserved’ it.

My Consciousness travels to other realms and universes to meet other civilizations and their history. I bring these Lessons back in form of the Cosmic Journeys, with unique activations those with an open Heart and mind can receive when playing with them (reading, imagining, contemplating, and one can even Create art with them). Most of them benefits the New Children too (rainbows, crystals) but their Guardians must read them first and use their discernment.

I am also one more Animal Ambassador, speaking on behalf of Innocence returning to Earth. This has been a most coveted energy frequency and one of the most rare, mostly present in Children, Animals, and healed Humans who returned to the ‘Heart of a Child’ vibrational level, which is to live in pure Love or 100% harmlessness, benevolence, kindness, Service, forgiveness, generosity, etc, or what is necessary for a 5th density life and consciousness level, called Ascension.

Thank you for BEing here and your Service to the planet, which is to heal ourselves and stay in a high frequency of Peace, calm, neutrality…

‘You are SO Loved. You don’t have to become, do or have anything to be worthy. You just Are and have always been.’ ~ Source

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