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Starseed Intervention

‘We ask the Progenitors of our Angelic race, and the Cosmic Intelligences of God to apply direct intervention in our co-creation to create the opening leading us to experience a higher reality system for our own liberation and peace, the freedom for our planet and her kingdoms. As we come to witness the end of time, we are intending to influence the Planetary Field with all of our heart, mind, body and soul by using our Collective Efforts as directed by our God-Self. We call upon the Power of our One Source Light to utilize the Forces of Nature in harmony and peace on this beloved body of the Earth.’ by Lisa Renee

When we arrive on Earth, we are subjected to the electrocution that made us lose most of our memories but for the crucial information that nothing can touch in our Heart-vault. We trusted that after all the trauma we came to witness, reverse engineer, report, etc, we would return to our natural Heart-Centered way, which is the only way to connect to our Soul, then go up until we could reconnect with our Mother & Father Creator.

Only through Love we would keep ourselves afloat, as it is the password for higher information and eventually, the higher densities and octaves.

There is so much that takes our attention away from what we truly came here for: survival and making a living issues, the amount of toxic people that are sent to those who are generous and Loving in a world used to parasitic ways if we don’t create boundaries (clear sacrificial, martyr, savior archetypes, etc), multidimensional attacks and so on. When we don’t clear the ego, money, glamour, acting out of loneliness and infinite other issues arises. These can even be patterns we get infected with – as thought forms or even programs are like a virus – or we may inherit these things from our bloodline and society, coming here to clear them too, we all have tons of roles. Somehow, we thought we could make it.

It is important to re-evaluate any parallel life memories or information given by guides, people, or even things we think are our own galactic memory because there is something called holographic insert that many are not aware of.
While inside of your shield – your inner connection with God – ask again if each information and such guides are trustable. Some may even have just expired. Our Spiritual Support evolves as we do and they may change.

One important thing we came here to do and may have forgotten -let along the Earth Souls who have been traumatized through dark ages of forced recycling – is that the civilization, the citizens of a planet, must call in the help and point out exactly what needs changing, aligned with God’s Plan, not our Human will nor from a reactive space like when we hear a piece of news, for example. It must come from a calm and wise place.

So one of the things we came here to do is to call in the right help (God, Christos Forces) and through what we Know and experience, ask for the correction of what is out of alignment with our God Parent’s Harmony. When balanced, we will Know what that will be and everyday may differ.

Here is a beautiful example of Service we can do everyday, from our bedroom, our Ascension Chamber (just a shielded and programmed space that we dedicate for healing, prayer, etc).
We can also pray everyday, with our whole Hearts and Beings, as our Love is strong or we wouldn’t forfeit paradisiac and non-dimensionalized realms to come here to help.

At times, there are places that call to us as well, for us to be there physically with the codes we brought in our very Being. This is best done when we have healed a lot and are confident in our strength and connection with God, as some of these Missions are dangerous, such as the lowest vibrational places in a land, for example. During Missions like these, one single Starseed may not be enough.

If we get distracted with the spells and structures of the world – all meant to corrupt the Soul, in the end – our will, life force and even joy is slowly chopped at until we wander aimlessly, feeling despondent.

Our Missions are not glamorous, there is no audience or awards, and our reward is not money. We must always balance things, not polarize/distort them, so we didn’t come here to suffer, sacrifice or anything like that either. However, we must redirect all receiving channels, our abundance and blessings to come directly from the God Source, our Home. It is solely for our Soul Purpose and it will not always appear as money, but free to manifest in infinite ways, again, for our Mission, the nourishment and safety of our body vehicles, and so on. It will arrive as material things as well, but when we buy into the money/debt and worrying traps, we fuel them while getting hooked on by those energies in turn.

It is a journey of readjustments, and we need incredible humility and strength to do these corrections as any remaining ego will fight to not die, however much there is no shame in having one. As we all have been through pain and fear, we all developed a negative ego, and it is only a problem if we don’t heal fears, wounds, beliefs, shadows, attachments and more.

As we clear beliefs, we see things for what they truly are and the most painful of all things is to look within our own selves and see who we are inside. That’s why so many prefer to judge, blame or do nothing.

To look within takes Christos courage, a virtue unfortunately extremely rare on Earth or our civilization wouldn’t be this way. We wouldn’t harm the defenseless or mistreat each other if we had courage, so healing the planet is always an inner work and it is the Humans who have the awareness to direct our Home, as One Family.

God Source, please fortify the courage, humility and strength so we can look within ourselves, and evolve. This is the greatest Service.

May all Beings in this universe know freedom.

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