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Spiritual + Loving = Vegan

In the quest to reverse engineer, experience, and understand harm, many Souls discover what happened to Animals on this planet and horrified, we evolve into higher possibilities.

In October 2009, I found what happens in the dairy Soul splitting industry, making the shift from vegetarianism overminute. In that one hour of research I went through a complete shift in consciousness and would never willingly participate in that.

Vegetarianism was the Vegan Plan being grounded on Earth.

In a very low frequency and consciousness level civilization, Veganism just wasn’t possible.

Before the time is right, those with the Loving/Christ Consciousness arrive to accomplish their Mission, at times, planting the seeds that are missing in lower density worlds. It is usually a difficult or isolating life, meant to test the Soul. 

These seeds live on and although it doesn’t look like at first in linear time, they will have changed that world forever. There have been Celestial Plans to end mainstream hangings, mainstream slavery, and all barbaric practices that are accepted because the wrong people and entities took positions of power. 

But the Universe – like Nature – will always return to Harmony and we are seeing all that is harmful and unnatural falling or being exposed.

Everything was upside down in the old system. We’ve been turning against our own race, which is Humanity for the difference of land or color does not separate us into different people.

We’ve been fed much misinformation in all areas we can think of: instead of education, getting indoctrination, instead of entertainment, entrainment, instead of spirituality, violent religions, and then there is the ‘health’ ‘care’ system and from what I’ve experienced there made me become my own doctor for years. We forgot we are sovereign and powerful and no one has authority over our consciousness and bodies. Claim and Feel it often to tap into the Sovereign Frequency, when you’ll just BEcome it.

The important thing in this article is about how we were never meant to eat Sentient Beings. We have the dreaming consciousness of the plants in this transition as the source of nourishment while we live in this density. Plants don’t have a nervous system such as that would make them suffer and were meant as real food with all the nutrients needed.

This black hole entity practice infiltrated our civilization and passed on from one generation to the next and all we knew was that our parents put pieces of corpses on our plate without thinking, as the Souls who have been recycling and enslaved in this world had increasingly more difficulties in questioning the status quo. Many lost their feeling intelligence, which will always warn us in the beginning when we are going to choose something that will digress our Soul, consciousness, DNA, etc. When we ignore this natural compass, it gets numbed down until our final cut off from Mother Love & Father Light – the God Source.

So before our civilization was ready, Donald Watson courageously came in and tested to prove Veganism on his own, confronting mockery, skepticism, the sudden experts’ opinions we all find when we start any higher vibrational change, who are the matrix ‘police’ or lower consciousness people who are activated by the old system.

After him, there’s been an ever increasing wave of Light Warriors who have been speaking on behalf of Animals, as many refuse to listen to what they are saying, even those who claim to be spiritual but are not truly Loving/Harmless.

It is through all levels of harm that our Life force, Will and our very Soul have been chopped down on this planet. Those traps don’t need to be great actions and consent to harm, and that’s how we all compromised our Soul at first just by incarnating here, falling in consciousness and going through much suffering until we unhooked from the satanic system. We must listen to our Heart, which is God warning us of the higher path. As our Soul has free will, we each make our choices.

Animals have Souls exactly like us. 

By Universal Laws – that are returning to Earth – All Souls have the Birthright to be left undisturbed and unharmed, the real meaning of Free Will which is not meant only for Humans.

The choice is for each as this is the test for all Souls. 

In this world, the systems were inverted so everything that is harmful, wrong, Heartless and Soul digressing was normalized.

What would each do in a temporarily satanic/upside down world and where the descent/forfeiting our Soul was actually rewarded?

What would we do if we forgot everything but for the Source’s whisper in our Hearts?

For the parasites that tried to control our world, we are just batteries.

After losing the multidimensional war, they just want to take as many Souls as they can down with them and the change is tangible, with them coming out in the open and being quite blatant now. If what we lived through seems bad, it is nothing compared to these hell or phantom dimensions many got hooked into. Because they are split and powerless, all they have are illusions to invite us to fear, to try to shock or hurt us. 

The 5D Lyrans once joked that even if they could, or even if they wanted to, they would never eat Humans. 

The communication with them goes beyond telepathy, with empathy, energy exchange and more (not channeling) so I knew with my whole being and all senses that they didn’t mean to look down on us, but beyond the barbarism of consuming someone who can suffer, is the truth that we Humans are in a lower density and consciousness level, which would be harmful to a Soul embodying a higher consciousness template and lead them to descension.

This doesn’t mean that they are or think themselves superior or better. 

In fact, Law of One Beings revere those who come to Earth and are able to keep their Hearts, they know it’s the hardest thing a Soul will ever suffer through. 

They have transitioned into consuming a form of vegetable liquid but are mostly ‘Lightarians’.

We are not superior to Animals, but we choose bodies/templates that experience more awareness as Humans. 

Amongst these wonderful Creatures, each Animal Species also has varied levels of consciousness, with the Pig being more aware, intelligent and sensitive than Dogs and Cats, for example. They are massively cannibalized on purpose and that word needs to be used because Humans and Animals are both Feeling Beings. They are also very, very close to our DNA… We can feel all that the Animal went through – although those who are not sensitive cannot track the root cause – as there is no such thing as ‘compassionate slaughter’. This incredibly contradictory term is one of the matrix’ tricks to excuse or minimize great transgressions, and is accepted and ‘logical’ by those with no Heart.

Another matrix trick was the ‘plant-based’ name change, which they always do to any Benevolent Movement, trying to dilute the Vegan and other Divine Plans through always funneling Love out of the equation and adding their typical convenience, instant gratification, and similar lower patterns to corrupt a Plan and the people who resonate with it, which energetically means to consent to the corruption. We must be aware that their tactic is always to divide to conquer, even multidimensionally in terms of energy. That’s how they corrupt a new system that is trying to be grounded, which we can clearly see by the ever increasing bankrupt dairy torturers that it’s not working.

For any exchange to function in the ever rising frequencies we need to be ethical and 100% Harmless.

Animals are also called or considered an ‘It’ as with many traps purposefully inserted in written language, and anything infiltrated in this world. But unlike a table or a car – which so many value more than a life – the Animal is a She or a He with the right to exist and explore their collective without a bridle, chains, fences, mutilation or pain.

Many don’t realize how honored we are to have Animals in our world. There are many worlds that are not blessed with this great manifestation of Innocence and Purity. 

Back to the wonderful species teaching us about Love, the Elephants are the ultimate Empaths where these Souls want to experience and learn how to fully dedicate themselves to the whole. 

And Cows are one of the gentlest species on Earth. What happens to them is also by design, as gentleness, kindness, Harmlessness are hated and crushed by the parasites, who hate the Cosmic Mother and all of Her virtues. That’s why Females of many species suffered. They specially covet Innocence.

The dairy industry’s unbelievable separation of Mother and Baby  multidimensionally keeps the severance between these ties in place. However, this happens to all species too, as the parasites are trying to destroy the foundation of Family altogether.

I was shown why a Soul I’ve known was so split in fear and lower emotions, and found that in a parallel, they’ve been a dairy cow and before their slaughter, the psychopaths we put the Animals in the hands of tortured her for hours. This Soul never recovered and they no longer exist, back to the Source or Origin Field, when they became unable to maintain their Love & Light Quotient when not siphoning from someone else.

We need Cow’s milk as much as we need Monkey’s milk and Pig’s milk.

Not only we are not babies but we should never consume fluids from another species.

To eat or even distantly participate in the suffering, trauma, and murder of a Soul who chose a lower consciousness template than us is to consume all of their trauma, fear, pain and cellular memory going back to all of their ancestors. It made many Humans digress to the same level of inner violence as the parasites when they chose to be predatory as the black hole entities. 

Each Soul consenting to this is vulnerable to the control, violence, and infinite related frequencies they resonate with from within. The invader parasites also see us as cattle and treat us as such and they could enter this world when the inhabitants resonated and acted like them.

They would be cast out or burn on the spot overnight without our energy  if we disconnect from the crumbling system and clear our egos, wounds, or any inner issues, such as lack of morals, empathy, and spiritual virtues.

This practice came from blackhole things (who are no longer whole Souls) that have no feeling bodies, and are Doomed Souls. They reached the demonic/insane level of consciousness which feeds on Innocence, flesh, fluids, suffering,  and worse. For them, the more helpless the Being, the better, such as Children and Animals. 

We always have a choice, even if it’s coerced, and that was part of the Soul Test.

When Angelic Humans choose to digress into barbarism and blood sacrifice, their consciousness fell and slowly, pain, trauma, violence, parasitism and more infected those dimensional levels and most beings there. 

When we allow ourselves/Souls to reach the lowest level of consciousness by not maintaining our Love & Light Quotient (not just Light), we lose our right to incarnation.

When asking Yeshua about Veganism, he answered that he would never hurt Animals.

Many of the truly spiritual tried and did keep themselves from splitting and lowering their consciousness, once they were aware of harm, satanic rituals or just cruelty that we know in our Hearts is not right.

Before any Soul digressive step, we always have a warning in our Hearts. It will only last for some time. As we give in once, then again, God’s voice diminishes and we will begin to drown in a sea of suffering and torment. That’s where the myth of hell came from, but we are not punished, we choose it through our actions and consent while in incarnated form. 

To come to a world never means we follow the rules in there without discernment, but always, Universal Laws. Our Heart is the Compass.

When in a 6th density realm in Inner Earth, called Shambala, I was invited to dinner and there were only fruits of amazing colors we don’t have in our density yet. They don’t need to eat anymore and are ‘Lightarians’, eating their exotic fruits rarely and mostly for fun. 

Many who claim we ‘need’ or whatever excuse for this great suffering on Earth haven’t really tried being Vegan, and are spreading misinformation. Not even a 2 or 5 year ‘Vegan’ knows the nuances and the levels of multidimensional and spiritual changes one goes through when we evolve into all forms of Harmlessness, not just for Animals. It is not something that can be tested for only a short time. 

The secrets and benefits of being in Harmony with all by harming none will only be revealed if we are committed from a Heart level, because access to those secrets is only acquired by a password: Love. 

By entering a journey prepared to turn away at slight inconveniences blocks what we would learn if we had opened our whole being to it through the frequency and virtue of commitment. 

To truly measure if something is aligned with Universal Laws/Love we must measure it alongside a Human baby. 

Would it be cruel to do this or that to a Human baby?

We cannot measure what is right or wrong by drawing delusional lines, like deciding that people of this or that ‘color’ or some distant land can be exploited and work for those in ‘first world’ countries, or if a species of Beings can be beaten and killed while this other should be part of our family. 

For the first 3 years, due to guilty feelings and trauma releasing, I had many nightmares of slaughterhouses, going back centuries as the memories were slowly dislodged from my cell memory, DNA, and much, much more. 

There is a detox at first which those emotionally, spiritually and morally weak cannot commit to. Again, only Love can make one stay in this path.

I kept what I noticed to myself until those who knew me well noticed in just two weeks that I was calmer, which was a miracle.

In eight months my self-Love & confidence was fully unblocked, beginning to return to my Soul-level of these natural feelings and frequencies.

It was through Veganism that I began to cut myself off from the matrix.

A few years later, when the Arcturian Family contacted me, they confirmed that without It, I wouldn’t have reached the consciousness level necessary for contact to be possible. I perceived the Animal trauma was putting a lid on my own and so for 30 years, I couldn’t purge  or heal, only accumulating more trauma.

The timing and experiences will be different for everyone as we are all unique, but it is quite noticeable for those who can read energy and are sensitive, how Vegans slowly release lower patterns, such as anger, trauma, addictions, etc and increasingly integrate into Unity Consciousness, resolving polarity more easily, and then being in Service to Others. 

Many horrific and already split parasites feed off of the violence that goes on around the world, which has been allowed by the ‘laws’ we had on Earth, with Animals being allowed to go through unthinkable things that many times break their Souls.

All of our benevolent and harmful actions have consequences, to each Soul, as when the illusion fades, we can feel all the benevolence and harm we’ve done keenly. 

That’s why Ancient Souls are extremely careful with what they are in agreement with, as they remember this on an intuitive level, and wouldn’t infringe upon the real/Universal Laws, even if they were threatened or ‘ordered’ to. 

We’ve seen this throughout history always, as older Sisters and Brothers left their example to teach and INspire, and we had some people who stood for what was right, no matter the price they paid. All of their Souls continue on into eternity and many of them are the Christos Guardians now. 

When wanting to know more and evolve, we shouldn’t ask information from non-Vegans, which is to subconsciously want a biased opinion. When genuinely wanting to truly learn, we should at least research both sides of everything thoroughly, from many sources as every person is in a different consciousness level. We also must use our HSP to ‘read’ information and always inside of our shield 1 (shield 2). Truths are only found in absolute Balance. 

The ultimate answer to any mystery in the universe is, however, inside of our Hearts.

If doing something to a Human baby is harmful, it is harmful to anyone else, in whatever part of Creation.

The common ‘health’ ‘care’ and all infiltrated systems that betrayed us will be changing considerably as the Truth will only continue to come out. We’ve been lied to about what is healthy and what our body really needs, with beneficial things for body, mind, Soul and more being covered up. In subjects people get triggered we will always find that there are Truths that need to be revealed from there and they are offended or reacting because they have been triggered as the ‘matrix police’.

Even many spiritual people don’t want to ‘go there’ but we need courage in the real Ascension journey. 

It is time we come of age and see things for what they truly are. Spiritual maturity and enlightenment are beyond what is uncomfortable and scary. 

‘Political correctness’, ‘taboos’ and high maintenance people’s feelings being ‘hurt’ by something external are all traps for us to not ‘go there’ and resolve our shadows, bringing the Love and the Light to the world once and for all.

In the false light/ascension and watered down spirituality consciousness levels, there is an obsession with Light/information at times, but little interest in Love/Harmlessness.

It is the embodiment of Love that is important on the spiritual path, but especially, on a planet such as Earth. Ascension is to evolve into Balance, focusing only on Light is to be polarized. A Soul is the Balance between Love & Light.

The chalice for Love is Harmlessness. 

A Human who hasn’t embodied Harmlessness cannot hold the wine of Love, it is a contradiction. It’s like the liquid evaporates. Harmlessness, benevolence, intention to Know to then BEcome the Laws are the basis for Love.

In Unity, Love and Reverence for all fellow Animal Ambassadors from seen and unseen realms, Happy Vegan World Day!

A special tribute to Jill Phipps, one more casualty of the dairy industry.

In deep reverence for Regan Russell, Anita Krajnc. None of them seemed to have died by accident. They made their lives count and the change they brought will live on. 

There is also Captain Paul Watson, all personal Heroines and Heroes of mine.

A special Heartfelt blessing and prayers to peaceful Animal Liberation Front Activists, some getting 20 years in prison because they couldn’t stand knowing that Animals were suffering, while pedophiles at times walked away after 6 years in this world, and this has to change.

Until All Life Is Free, the Courageous will speak up for them!

Beloved God, may the Laws, Love and Light return to this planet.

I claim our Divine Birthrights on behalf of all on Earth who forgot that all Souls are Free to Be left undisturbed and unharmed, no matter their species.

✡️ If you don’t remember what your Soul Birthrights are, claim Them often so the remembrance starts to ‘trickle down’ to your awareness.

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