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The Heart of a Child


Yeshua said that those that were like Children would be the ones to enter Paradise Earth.


Before we make any fundamental shift, we need to practice, Be and ‘vibrate’ at the frequency and with the virtues required for that dimension before we arrive there.


Being an adult never meant that we were supposed to be serious, lose our imagination and creativity, be worried or despondent.


While still being responsible adults, by practicing the Heart of a Child frequency, way of being, and technique, we are able to perceive more than the physical. With an intimate, strong and ever growing relationship with God Mother & Father, we will know the best possibilities for our next steps, receive support from Christos Guardians, and accomplish our SOUL dreams (not the ego’s).


As we harm no Soul, leaving all to be as they wish (not harming others even through thought or judgment) and tap to the Innocence within, we can see beauty. We become more intuitive and wiser, which was seen in ‘adult-children’ such as Yeshua Himself, Nicholas Tesla, and other everyday people who seemed to be ahead of their time. Everyone on Earth were exposed to these Ancient Souls at least once, no matter if they’ve been ‘famous’ or not. They were tapping into higher timelines and living from the Heart. 


We lived in a now crumbling system that indoctrinated us to just be good workers… or slaves. In the so-called education (indoctrination) system, questioning and imagination was not encouraged, purposefully trying to block our Soul from coming through. Those who questioned were considered black sheeps and had to be courageous to not be absorbed by a parasitic system that is now eating itself. 

They own their consciousness and energy because they dared to question,  following their own path and wisdom. 

Making time to bring fun, joy, creativity, relaxation and spirituality everyday is important for Children of all ages.


To practice this everyday is to take a moment to relax, and bring to the present the earliest memories that you have.

Then, do a bit of consciousness time travel and try to feel how it was like to have a connected Heart & Mind, being non-judgmental (but discerning), courageous enough to learn, and so much more that we were as children.


By being open Hearted & minded, we heal and release blocks more easily. Remember how we just felt everything without fear when we were little. We stopped when we were shamed or punished for feeling.

We also need to stay in the Heart of a Child frequency to access the new healing and harmonizing techniques that are arriving, otherwise we block them.


Humanity was never created to live as a great majority have been living. 


When we were little, if we wanted to make a handmade toy, we didn’t think how much it would cost, how long it was going to take, or if we could be doing something more ‘productive’ – another slave consciousness related frequency word. If we didn’t have the type of material we thought for our toy, we used whatever we found lying around.

We just went for what our Hearts were calling us towards, enjoying every minute of it. 


We also had compassion and empathy when without it, it is natural that we’ll feel despondent because lack of Love flow and maintenance will not only cut our connection to the God Source but also the flow of Life Force. That’s why the unLoving and harmful become parasitic, triggered and show increasing digressive behavior.


We need this open Heart and Mindedness now to ‘read’ situations, information and people. Discernment is one of the most important gifts we need with what started to happen in our world, and it comes from above our mental levels. We need to ‘read’ things with our whole being, through higher and extra sensory perceptions that are way above the rational mind. 

Dropping back to the Heart of a Child also entrains us to live more Heart than ego centered. A Heart centered living leads to Ascension while the ego leads to digression.


It is our Love and connection with the God Source that will keep us afloat, in this life and what comes next.


May all Beings find their way back to their Hearts, which will lead us Home.

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