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The Sorting

There has never been a time on Earth when going within our temple, to clear and get clarity, to acquire Spiritual (Christed) Virtues, to evolve morally, ethically, and emotionally has been as important. As well as to heal and seal our Hearts, dedicating It to God.


This is what really matters, and why there is much distraction.


We all have choices at every moment. We lived in a world full of spells trying to make us forget our power and sovereignty. Even when we were coerced into it, we still made a choice, fearful as that may have been. We still could have chosen to step back, defend sacred ground or courageously stand up and choose something unpopular but that was the right/higher choice.


The Doomed Souls from this or the other side of the veil envy the infinite possibilities and paths that those who kept their Hearts (whose Souls may be eternal) have, although through choice, they opted for harm, self-indulgence, or to not evolve. They also chose hatred, fear, and similar frequencies, over and over, until they have no God Spark left.

They desire to take others down with them as there is nothing left besides their phantom matrices (the holes the fearful hide in), which are getting smaller and smaller, until final implosion.


This was never about what goes on out there on planet Earth, other worlds or the Universes, this has all been about our Soul. To keep It eternal. Only through the path of God/Love/Harmlessness we will keep going and see what’s beyond the dimensional/fractalized current Universe we live in.


That’s where the Guardians live and there is no separation or suffering anymore, because out there, one is One With Source.


This is being revealed now in the current Sorting Out stage.


It wasn’t that God is picking and choosing for we are It, it was each one of us who picked and chose what our Soul would become, what It would be in consent with, what it would support or walk away from.


This Sorting also happens for preparation, to see if we can handle the next creation. 


We can’t indulge or disrespect another Soul’s Birth Right to be left unharmed and undisturbed and expect we will become angels after our passing. This satanic/Doomed Soul’s belief was put in there so we would ‘Do what thou wilt’ and lose our connection to That Which Created Us, just like they did. 

Have you ever been relentlessly envied and attacked because of your Love & Light? Then you’ve been exposed to this consciousness level. They all act the same, no matter their density. 

To float up and out of there, we must heal ourselves, evolve in our consciousness, habits, upgrading our very being and raising our frequency in complete Love/Harmlessness. If we infringe upon any other Soul, Person,  or Animal’s Free Will, we are vulnerable to the same frequencies we impose on others.


What we’ve done in physicality is what mattered. No polarization, all moments count. Our God Soul’s Love & Light quotient is not eternal without maintenance, reverence and care. We also have to follow Universal Laws which have always been in place. We have to relearn them as we come out of the quarantined planet state, otherwise we are vulnerable to lower energies. 

That’s how many benevolent and healed civilizations kept themselves Harmonious and impenetrable. Our inner connection, consciousness and frequency is our shield. It can be done as a group too.


In Pure Neutrality, we will know what to do, which path to take, if it’s time to retreat or be still.

As the Now Moment returns, we will only have a small second of Knowing, while the next space of time will be completely different.


Connect with God everyday, so eventually, you can walk hand and hand with Her/Him all the time. It is the only way for us now.


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