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Karmaless Life Force

The Ascension Journey was also about Soul Evolution, we are learning now, and not just what is happening on Earth.  


In the same way that some have recently stepped into the next stage of the Ascension spiraling ladder, after a 9 month birthing process of battling the ‘snake’ for the attainment of the Khrist Consciousness, others may seem to flip and go the descending direction but that it may not be a shift but something that was always there and now it just seems clear.


We must use our discernment, and practice Balance and Now Moment perspective, as what was hidden continued to be revealed, especially from within, even if we try to only keep our focus on the Higher Vision. 


At times, some are called to lend their consciousness to neutrally observe very difficult things as if it was God that was looking in. After that, one must recuperate and go back to balance, a crucial Service now. Not many can or will hold the balance during tribulation.


As always, with diligent meditative practice, we will be able to navigate this in the moment and as close to the calm/Source’s zero-point as possible, as well as dealing with any dusty corners within our temple will help us to swim in these escalating tsunami waves.


We can’t hold down fears or patterns but can clear them diligently at bite sizes everyday, as well as uncover what’s been hidden within ourselves first, which is more important than what is happening out there.


With parasitic structures or entities having less and less fuel, they may poke at the Humans they took over, those who haven’t made the switch to be inner sourced may struggle for old ways of how to get that energy from the outside as we always used to do as we were indoctrinated to the artificial 3D matrix. We have all been born into those artificial ways of being due to the parasitic infestation that was allowed to enter this world, long ago. So we are never victims, there was a resonance. At one point, Humanity agreed with harm, and Love couldn’t be ground if the chalice was not prepared. Or maintained. Love cannot exist in the same space as harm.


We may see a ‘flip’ in those we once trusted and resonated with. Until a certain frequency level all was fine but as we stepped higher, and as the outer sources of energy became finite, those who look for old ways of getting Life Force may find that the satanic ways are not working anymore as Universal Laws return. We are seeing more and more of what’s unfair, harmful, and low vibrational crumble or be exposed. At times, the exposure helps it to crumble. 


We need to observe our Sisters and Brothers with discernment and Love, but not judge or hate them. 


This phase is not easy on any Soul.


We never know what others are going through and judging (or linking ourselves to) others is the fastest way to bring their situation or similar frequencies into our own lives. We are required to step up a notch, and don’t go unconscious, or spiral down in lower patterns. 

We should be thankful for the privilege of observation, and being prevented from experiencing the difficult lesson ourselves. 

This is another way how we learn from each other. By observing people and the world calmly and from multidimensional perspectives, we can learn infinite lessons, which prevents us from going through much Heartache. However, if we allow ourselves to be infected by judgment, it will blind us, and we will have to learn through the experience as we show the Universe we have use to the lesson or Energy, as we put a meaning, a judgment or label when we watch without being neutral.


In judgment, our Consciousness will begin to fall and we diminish the Love & Light of our Soul.


We must reach a level of even seeing ‘enemies’ (those who hate or obsess over us) receiving their part of the unbalanced energies they sent not with glee, and when we prove ourselves able to hold the Love, more mysteries will be revealed to us. 


It is more than time that we disconnect from any guru & follower or parasitic dynamics as we see more and more who remained True or were keeping appearances. It’s been revealed that these types of dynamics have one of the strongest hooks to pull us down with them as it attaches to our hopes, our dependency or addiction to them. So we must be mindful even when reading or watching things, and what kind of energies they have. 


Don’t doubt your gut feeling, if you are left with a ‘bad taste in your mouth’, don’t second guess as we can’t afford to doubt ourselves too much as we did in the past. 

We must live from the Heart, and the balance keeps us non-polarized, non-emotional, and reasonable. From this space, we open up to all possibilities and may ‘suddenly Know’ what is the best option for our individual path.


There are outer energy draining mechanisms that look benevolent on the outside, it may look like a non-profit organisation, a religion, a charity, or a public figure. They show what appears to be Love and Generosity as a storefront as if they are helping us, or they may use beautiful words or sound ‘nice’ but behind the veil, the opposite is happening.

On a smaller scale, before we can feel, see or trust in energies and frequencies, we may be deceived by a charismatic person or who seem to be helping us on the 3D reality but behind the veil, they are energy drainers. 


Never perceive how things look but how they Feel. Remember this was a world of illusions. Use your whole being to perceive things.


It’s not only those living in challenging lands but many in the world now fear or are truly going through financial struggles as all will return to Love-based structures from the subtle levels to the physical. 


So if we see a ‘flip’ in services and exchanges that seem too expensive, in a Heartless way, or prices that skyrocketed (to get more energy from followers or customers) or we feel a warning in our Hearts, it’s time that we disconnect from it. 

We do need to value our efforts, energy, talents and time, and we are all unnaturally stuck in a financial system when most worlds out there are free, so we do the best we can to maintain our Mission, to eat, and take care of our bodies. But check with your Heart if the price being asked feels abusive or like it’s trying to take advantage of people. We can even feel the energy coming out of pamphlets, advertisements, banners, writings, pictures, videos, and people’s voices when balanced.


You can also journal or ponder about the topic for a few days, at different emotional levels  as polarized feelings need to come down to Balance so you can really perceive what is happening.


We can check if we feel manipulated into ‘having to’ do this or that to be spiritual or part of the club, if rules or shaming is being subtly imposed and masqueraded with mysticism, as if only the guru knows something that we cannot access, if the spiritual teacher speaks in a mystifying way we never fully understand all they are saying, purposefully disempowering their group to think they are not as ‘advanced’ as the teacher, or if the people or group we once trusted are now turning against others, or is trying to get to people’s Energy, or telling us what to do, or if the figure puts up a mesmerizing front that more or less leave the audience in awe or even hypnotized, or if a leader expects loyalty or that people return to them every week or periodically (when they’ll begin to feel drained), then these are all the artificial anti-Christ 3D matrix old tricks and energy signatures that old Darkworkers & Lightwarriors know well. 

A lot is going on behind the veil and at subtle levels and we must develop intuition and discernment, more than ever. 


Be aware of those who want attention, at the core of all of these examples may be the old energy siphoning. There is nothing to fear. Breathe, retreat when necessary.


No red flags should be dismissed as the remaining parasitic forces go from starving to voracious, however many are taken out or melting right on the spot at every incoming Source’s Light. 


If something feels off to you, don’t push it down or rationalize it, you probably felt something on a more subtle level. Don’t wait for ‘proof’ and follow your gut. We must listen to our Heart – our compass and true North – it is our only true guidance now.


Those who are genuinely Ethical and Wise, those Leaders we are beginning to recognize, can INspire, share their experience and information, and even offer some guidance, but most of how we know our own path comes from inside, through a strong and ever growing connection to Source, or That which Created us. When we strengthen this relationship with God, the clearing of wounds and ego, and Service to Others/BEing Love/Harmlessness, celestial doors and the secrets of the Universe will eventually open up to us.


We were never Created to follow. We each have our own Path. And we are being called to come of age, taking responsibility for our Consciousness, Energy, Feelings, actions and path. The will to try again and the strength to keep going comes from within, directly from God.


We need to shield ourselves and be inner sourced, receiving Life Force directly from the God Source, through our Hearts, and not from emotionally baiting others, or from getting attention, or getting it from Animals, which is black magic if there is any discomfort or suffering imposed upon another Sentient Form. Plants are dreaming consciousness that are part of Mother Nature, therefore they don’t suffer for our sustenance, as we transition into feeding on ‘light’, or again, the Source Nourishment we used to do.


Only from the Creator, we have access to the purest Energy and it’s the only karmaless or balanced way of receiving Life Force. Anything else does not belong to us and the price is high. 


When we align to the Laws and heal our Energy, bodies and Consciousness, slowly, we begin to be provided for. More and more possibilities start to open up the more we can handle them responsibly and ethically. And the less we are subjected to the forces of the lower world. 

As there are many beliefs/thought forms in this area, this doesn’t mean being wasteful, wanting luxury or delusions, or a life of being served by others. By following Universal Laws, we are provided for our well-being and Mission on Earth, with gratitude and humility but not in waste or entitlement. For each material belonging is also using our Life Force in physicality and we are responsible for them. That’s why it seems like the truly spiritual want very little, and are creating a no waste or minimalist movement, and are not into fashion, as they may be conscious or subconsciously aware of this.


May Universal Laws return the soonest so we remember the Truth and all Beings live in Harmony again.


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