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Upgrading our reality

Let’s take a moment to breathe and center ourselves…


When we learn our Soul’s lesson, we break a loop we’ve been stuck in.


Being stuck in a loop is a great cause of suffering. The root cause is always within ourselves. At times, we need to clear shadows, blocks, dusty corners, or where we are out of integrity, or we must align ourselves with God Source or Love – which are the same thing in terms of direction. 

When a dramatic or traumatic event happens in the exterior, it means the inner blockage escalated or amplified. It will continue to do so in ever stronger waves and the only cause is within.


In the beginning, the outer manifestation of our true, core energy will have an impact but it may not be painful or scary. 

If we see anything repeating at least twice in our lives, it means that we are out of time and the thing has been physicalized already. The energetic block, inner wound or belief is so amplified now, it is emitting a frequency like a beacon. From here, we can expect it will happen a third time and so on.


That’s why it’s important that we pay more attention to the inner, than the outer world. It doesn’t happen overnight, but we can turn down the volume of the beacon, so to speak, as we feel to heal to resolve the pattern within as the compassionate witness. We must not create new stories with this. We also want to live without any beliefs, as they are not a match for the higher dimensions we wish to live in. Beliefs are hooks, lenses, and biases. It means our energy is helping to fuel a consciousness matrix out there, and also, that we cannot see things for what they truly are. Commanding things into being, commanding our space, or what we don’t consent to are quite different from carrying beliefs or thought forms.


That’s why we clear, and cry, and purge, and journal, and release density on the Ascension Journey. The next wave of God Source’s Energies arrive and we must clean our temple. It is not a blissful journey only, that’s a polarized view, it requires strength, awareness, and strong will to return to our Soul Path over and over because it’s not an easy path. At times, we may even want to give up or take a break. The antidote to that is to take it easy.

The work is not passive and no solar flash will rid us of our baggage, so we must take time everyday to work on ourselves to evolve.


A balanced day is made of half doing, and half being. We’ve  been programmed and even deceived into a way of being that got us out of alignment, and into dis-ease, or out of Harmony.

To balance ourselves, we must then use the other side of the scale, and in this case, focus mostly on being until we feel very centered as an individual.

Just like globally, the feminine must heal and lead for a long time to come, until we are back into equality – as no energies are better than another. 

I’ve witnessed a matriarchal society on an Arcturian planet long ago that was quite unbalanced too. Too much of the feminine made for a non-violent civilization, yes, but there were other types of problems as with any imbalance.


The first rounds of manifestation of our core frequency, at times, can be shown to us and then they go away, so we learn the lesson but don’t suffer or struggle at first because the Universe is Loving and we were not actually created to suffer. The reason why people get stuck in loops it’s because they don’t realize it is a manifestation of their frequency, or that is coming from within them. 


When we blame our parents, the government, the matrix, etc, we are giving them power and our energy without resolution because they are not the cause. If we removed our support, and put our attention, energy, consciousness, money, etc into the hands of benevolent people making a difference, all the harmful systems would just crumble without fuel. When we support harm to ourselves, people, animals, Earth or Souls, we become vulnerable to energies, environments and entities of the same agreement, even if that is just by buying things from them, or backing them up with our Consciousness – our attention and focus. 


When we realize we are the origin and the cause, we eventually call back all of our energy from all systems, spaces, and beings we gave it away to.

But nothing is one sided and it’s all about finding balance, so it’s important to mention that this is a Free Will Universe, and yes, entities and people did  infringe upon our sovereignty and that of the animals, and all souls on Earth. Heal that by commanding your space and use your shield


We must stay aware and remove all that is harmful too, so the changes or the healing won’t happen overnight and that is the journey, and the lesson on our way to mastery.


In the beginning, the manifestation is shown but then it’s like the worst is prevented, even at the last moment by Divine Intervention. We may tend to relax after this, relieved the problem seemed to have gone away.

We must relax everyday but not go unconscious or neglectful. The Universe showed us a sign that something is out of alignment and now we must work on ourselves so the scare never happens again. And by looking at it calmly, we will uncover more of ourselves and how we ended up in that situation, or surrounded by people that we don’t even resonate with, or a toxic environment, etc. As we remove the root, we step into higher octaves and will not be quite the same old version of ourselves.


Even in group consciousness, when the scare was gone they just continued to cause harm to themselves, other Souls, or each other, and didn’t empower themselves. They didn’t work together to create a better community when the tyrant was gone, replaced by a weak ‘leader’, and when the collective manifestation returned, amplified, it was devastating. The signs were there showing what needed to be done, and what needed to evolve, but especially, what needed to be changed from within. In their disempowerment, the collective will continue to be victimized and give their power away to someone else to be responsible for them and carry the burden, until these Souls have enough. 


When we are disempowered, we allow in parasites. 

When the leader is weak and unethical, her/his system will be overtaken by parasites.


That doesn’t mean we don’t have compassion for those who believe they are victims and keep going through the same cycle but must remember that change only comes from within. We can help if that is our Mission or when we feel God whisper in our conscience, our Heart. There are times when we are the only one who can do something and we should help freely when called. However, we must not sacrifice ourselves.


If we don’t know how to help, we must be wise to not amplify the problem. Always look for the bigger picture and we must not be led by our emotions (polarized feelings), and look at situations from an intuitive/higher perspective. When we can’t help or it’s not our place, we can always pray for others too. 

To maximize our power and spread our Love, and in a situation with a lot of ‘victims’ (sovereign Beings believing they are), then we can pray that all who feel victimized on the entire planet find God within, and not just those in the situation we witnessed. Ask God to clear victimization but focus on Soulutions, and pray that all Souls find their sovereignty, freedom and empowerment. They will be comforted by our Love, however, our rage or emotional reactions won’t help but amplify the situation.

Our unhealed wounds & fears, when rippled out in the lake of the world for a long time, literally creates battles out there. We are that powerful. 


At times, the difficulty at first is to know that the Soul or group is having a necessary experience (not being punished), and our compassionate witnessing and prayers help them. That’s why we need to walk hand in hand with God, because we will feel if we should intervene or not.

It’s important to be Loving in this Ascension Journey and with Love comes detachment, knowing that all Souls have their Divine Guidance and no one needs saving, unless they can’t defend themselves.


In terms of the collective living in ways we don’t want to participate in, we can create our own reality by clearing the shadows and density within, working on improving our intuition and relationship with the God/Source, being Peaceful or non-polarized, and being Love in action, or Service to Others. That raises our frequency and we evolve. We also must choose our focus well and can stay in a frequency higher ground or bubble where we are not affected by what goes on around us too much. 


A suggested exercise is to write down in your journal or ponder on what is the most critical thing that is asking for alignment or downright change within you? 


We can ask God to show and guide us, and the immediate reality outside is also showing clues. Not the fearstream media, not what other people and things want us to live like or believe in, but in our immediate field, our own reality. 

What the ‘news’ tells us many times it’s not even true, no matter what the ‘official’ systems like education (that looked more like indoctrination), ‘health care’ or ‘authorities’ are saying. There are no authorities but our own selves and the God Source.


It comes the time where Humanity must come of age and that’s why we basically cannot trust anything outside of ourselves. Even those with the highest intention, who are Harmless and Ethical also have their individual path. Their Wisdom and Presence are nurturing, and they shine like Beacons of Hope, but they can only offer some guidance, inspiration, and information. We each must find our own path and cannot follow anyone blindly. However much we need guidance at the start of the Ascension Journey, we must eventually rely on our own selves, Knowing that we cannot follow our teacher forever. 


Another journal prompt is: what do you Feel is your highest path with what you know, what is present for you right now? 


Dismiss what your parents, or society, or people you admired showed you to be right. 

And let your Soul speak.


Love & Balance!

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