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New Era Abundance

Trying to get deals, devaluing someone’s work, or judging it ‘expensive’ empowers fear, lack, and other root causes blocking Abundance.

Instead FEEL, Imagine, and act from a place of reverence, gratitude and that you can have all that you need AND more.

Know that organic, Humanitarian, Vegan, fair-trade, etc, types of exchanges, where every Soul wins is to become the norm and businesses that don’t flow with Universal Laws are crumbling. 

When building the New, we must let Love always lead, otherwise we become vulnerable to harm, and to close that crack in our fields may take lifetimes.

All matrix/parasitic systems, empires, and the entire crumbled grid would eventually fall because they were built with black magic, which are acts against Universal Laws due to infringement of Free Will on Sentient Beings (Incarnated Souls).

Everything was infected and infiltrated with harm. 

The Heart-Centered are the only ones who have the potential to ‘resist temptation’ and do things  in a benevolent and harmless way that benefits absolutely ALL, in the making of their Soulutions. For example, our Mother Earth is not harmed, there are no Child labor or sweat shirt type of inhumane treatment of people, and no Sacred Animals (Souls in different species) are harmed or even confined, suffer discomfort, etc.

It is not difficult to live in a way that is Sacred and that will benefit the Loving more than anyone because their benevolence will keep flowing back, ten, a thousand fold, and it will only continue beyond this world, beyond this life.

All that is required is for us to stay in the moment, and then choose the highest outcome for all.

Be well and be blessed,

🌟 Marta

⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ⭐ Animal Ambassador | Healer | Rescuer

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