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❁ Ascension Update, Mass exodus & Starseed pressure

‘FIRST X-FLARE IN 4 YEARS: A new sunspot emerged during the early hours of July 3rd and promptly exploded, producing the first X-class solar flare since Sept. 2017.’ 


Many may remember how dimensional shifting, wonderful, but at the same time, how devastating 2017 was as well. This is the reconnection to the real and at times, paradoxical Organic Universe we’ve been separated from for long.

Blow ups in the outer universe explains why they are happening within our lives as well, as everything that Exists will be touched.

This is all happening ahead of the Galactic New Year too.

Clear, prepare, purge & Create, as inner guidance calls.

Cosmic Journey & Ascension Update: I’ve recently had my consciousness taken to orbit where I’ve seen a great ‘exodus’ of Souls. A deep collective grief on Earth was felt while the many cosmic ships and beings silently observed, holding space with great respect and Love. We were all calm as we knew why that was happening. 

Many Souls were asleep inside capsules. 

In my Human level, I was releasing grief and at the exact same time from the Cosmic Perspective, I was calm like the Star and Light People, and it felt like being in two dimensions at once. This is available and becoming more common for those Ascending.

Source took me there to share what I saw.

We are not alone and may all Hearts be soothed by Pure Love as we all are affected by these choices that make no sense on a dense, physical level but that were made at these people and animal’s Soul levels.

May all who remains and can withstand these high frequencies (I didn’t know where was up due to Ascension Tiredness yesterday 😫… and the day before that, and the day before that). 

May all find their way to their Soul, and connect with Source through a Pristine, Loving, Harmless Heart, choices & actions.

Divine Volunteers came here with specific Missions and Gifts that are written in our Blueprint. 

In the video, let’s learn about how it feels to live as if our lives don’t ‘belong only to us’ – in a sense – why, what to do, and how to Harmonize this. As with everything, we focus on Soulutions.

Through higher understanding, it is easier to forgive (release into the Source Field or origin of energies), as well as balance ourselves and lives out. 

❁ New Scroll – In `Ascension Update: ‘Routing Animals’` I share the sudden grief and Visions I was flooded in, recently. 

Paradoxically, we find both very happy and comforting news, however much we are going to miss our Beloved Animals… ~ Read more


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