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Declare and call in, Earth Citizens (the only voters)

💎 Pure Source’s Energies

Beings under the Law of One

please come through and clear___

…Declare out loud or write it down with Feeling what you are commanding to be cleared on Earth, on behalf of All Sentient Life.

As an Earth Citizen, you can vote.

The higher our Love embodiment is (Love is Harmless, Love has no boundaries, and Love in action is Service (not servitude)), the more our vote counts. 

Examples to clear: barbarism, blockages, fear… 

Same goes when calling Energies in: Ascension, Love, Harmony, Humanitarianism, Equality, Veganism, Peace, Freedom, or say ‘All Know Healing’, ‘The Highest Good Is Done’, etc…

Use the powerful Now. And So It Is.

Only focus on clearing something if it feels too big and right on your path. It’s more important to keep the Vision of Paradise Earth, tapping into it, and lending our awareness to what we WANT to bring in. 

Source’s New Light is clearing all that is below Love. But we are the Creators, Manifestors, as well as the Magnetizers.


💎 Marta

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