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Solstice with new potentials with Source coming through, the flip, and a new practice

🍀 Happy Solstice!

We get the material, mental, emotional, and energetic things we need if we are grateful and moderate (bringing balance holistically, in all levels and areas)


Intending the highest possibilities for ourselves and all. 

Heart-Centered Sisters and Brothers, we make the most of this Solstice by Loving All and intending the highest probabilities. More doors open.

If called, go deep within your Heart, staying with your own energy, making Your choice. Go deep inside where Source is, in the silence and solitude of the zero-point, and receive the most of this next shift – a crossroads for Humanity and All.


Latest Newsletter sent with the new Source Gift. From my Heart to yours.

New Scroll

If able to remain awake, Lisa Renee is doing Group Meditations 😃

(I’ve done two of the sessions and I highly recommend it. I’ll ‘go to work’ during the third session or when we cross the Solstice).

You are SO Loved and never alone!

🌠 Your sister Maree

⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ⭐ Animal Ambassador | Healer | Rescuer

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