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Darkworkers & Lightwarriors

I had to experience and re-adjust to the highest timelines and possibilities available through the great stress recent events brought for the opportunity for me to be initiated in the new octave of the higher realms. I was tested in higher levels of calm and neutrality, requiring a level of mastery never practiced before in this life stream. It felt like I was a Star observing the Universe but not being influenced by the stress and triggered reactions around me. A brand new technique for this was shared in the Scrolls as soon as I received it.

There has been a heads up that has been brewing for my fellow ex-Darkworkers to not go back to the low frequency world out of confusion or because your family or bloodline is trying to exploit your great, Loving Hearts.

I shared my latest cutting off in the Scrolls recently and one important thing was that my Earthly Guide (which I’ve been realizing is more like my Guardian) came to give me a warning, something that is very rare from real Guides. Probably foreseeing my doubts and how we absolutely cannot lower our frequency and consciousness at this Ascension stage for anything anymore, the higher levels realized they had to intervene, I can see clearly now. May was like a hurricane to me and I could only live from moment to moment, and when I had a blind spot or two, the Universe stepped in to help.

Darkworkers have a bad reputation with much misinformation said about us that needs to be cleared. We were one of the most disliked group amongst the Lightworker roles because we were the Light & Possibilities ‘Virus’ in the fear-based system. To make it very clear, WE ARE THE ONES WHO BROKE THE MATRIX by resolving generational patterns, arresting entities, going on rescue missions in the underworld, reclaiming and holding space over lands for Light and Love to return, we triggered patterns and fears and people at times, faced and battled the dark, and even may have decided to work overtime, trying to rescue a Fallen Soul or two. We were also the ones who could handle and witnessed the most difficult things multidimensionally and in the physical realm.

For that, we were betrayed, taken for granted, taken advantage of, suffered financial, relationship, and all sorts of problems as the matrix used those who could get triggered to target us.

Still, as very Ancient Souls who have already been tested, most of us kept our Hearts and however little material or emotional support we had in this world, we have extra intervention from the higher realms, with miraculous things happening in our lives often because we also didn’t support the system and lived very alternative lives. Those were interventions because we came here mostly in Mission, not karma. There was some confusion on that as I was retrieving that memory, but yes, we resolved karma before incarnating here or we would have been stuck in the wheel just like everyone else. However, karma is different from generational patterns. We did ‘catch’ a lot of these because we trusted we could handle and clear them on behalf of Humanity.

For many, it is hard to retire from this role because we worked on it everywhere: as children in our schools, with our families, with people we met, work environments + co-workers, etc… And then we had other Missions while the body rested and we traveled multidimensionally in sleep. That is, if the Darkworker had any time to be a child or teen at all.

We must remember that we’ve trained to vibrate strongly and should not deviate from the Great Plan. 

It is because of the approaching Solstice and true, planetary and galactic New Year on July 26 that there’s been some pull from the lower levels and we must not listen to it.

We don’t need to clear, battle, stand up, or transmute anything anymore, Source’s New Light is recoding everything for us now.

If you left certain ‘friends’ and family behind, there was probably a reason for that. I know that I haven’t forgotten the threats, how triggered they got near my energy, and so forth, no matter that all is forgiven. Forgiving, however,  is not enabling. 

I was shown a scan of the collective and that some who were once Darkworkers think they have an obligation; and were pulled into reconciling with their family, overwriting their gut feeling and the harmful experiences they had.

The higher levels want to remind us that these were not our real family or even our real friends, they were our Cosmic Clients. Those were the dark and at times and more rarely – lost – Souls who had a chance to be Loved, to be reminded of a better way but who have NOT taken the chance. Their chance was KNOWING and being Loved, guided, etc by YOU. That time and that chance is over. If you tried to tell them spiritual stuff, tried to guide them and solve their crisis, and warned them of what was coming, only to be laughed at or attacked, then you must remember that you’ve done more than enough.

When the plandemic hit many of them thought of us but by then a great portion of Humanity needed and still needs to keep to their cocoon, going through their own shadow land, just like we did decades ago to open the possibility. For us, it was extremely traumatizing and isolating, and we’ve done it while enduring 3D jobs and everything else. For everyone else, it is so much easier as they are not alone as so many are talking about spiritual things now.

Ever since 2020, the unconsciousness card is off the table as Humanity is now forced to come of age.

This time of separation between Volunteers and their biological family is in benefit of these Earthseeds who must now take responsibility for their energy, consciousness, and evolution, and stop projecting their stuff on Starseeds or other Heart-Centered to carry their burden for them.

The more parasitic type of consciousness is confronting painful stuff within them and they are wanting the Starseeds they’ve known and that brought them comfort more than ever now. They are even malfunctioning or having breakdowns as the high frequency of this planet does not match these hidden energies, programs, and wounds they never wanted to deal with. It is forcibly purged out of all Humans – who are going through their Dark Nights now – and many are panicking as they have done no inner work.

You came here as a Volunteer, but didn’t come here to sacrifice or be abused. Because we were born into trauma, it is hard to understand that being mistreated and parasitised on is not normal but we must remember the Truth, no matter how distorted things were on Earth. What has been happening on this planet is not ok or normal. It is in fact quite abnormal. In my Consciousness Journeys to other stars, realms, and universes, I haven’t yet seen this level of darkness, of barbarism.

Instead of helping, we harm these Souls when we enable them and must take into consideration what is best for their eternity, which is not clearly visible from our Human levels. We must trust they have their own Spiritual Support and that they are watched over.

Many of us felt it strongly, before, around, and for some, after 2020 that we just don’t have the patience or can tolerate parasitism or disrespectful behavior anymore. 

I’ve been warned directly by Source that I would have to let my mother go in 2002. The warning came back strongly in 2012 but I still couldn’t do it, it was so hard to let go as I subconsciously knew what would happen to those Souls.

Should we jeopardize our priority, the reason why we incarnated on Earth, sacrificing our paradise worlds and real families to help uplift and cleanse this planet, through pain, tears, loneliness, and at times with threat to our very vehicles to enable certain low frequency people who needs our energy at this time?

I didn’t fall for the latest trap and their attempts only get weaker. Because of that, I continue on route to the next activation, and more expansion. I already had delayed my own liberation until around 2013, when my Star Family had to intervene. I was behind schedule at the time and promised myself I would never do that again. And Ascension became a priority before anything.

It is our Embodiment now that can help those people who choose to not Ascend, and to not Evolve at this time.

We can’t do it for anyone else. Evolution is a consistent choice, something that must be acted upon and intended from the individual, day in and out. That’s why so many haven’t chosen this yet, as it is the mature and older Soul who will want to go through this, and Earth housed mostly Young Souls until recently. We really only came to liberate the planet, making Ascension a possibility, which is already done. That’s why Darkworkers retired, because the individual cleaning up is done. Now we have the devastating and renewing Source’s energies that just keeps swooping in. For us it is like a breath of fresh air, as we’ve yearned for the New Light for so long. For those who haven’t taken responsibility for their consciousness and inner issues, it has been hell. But throughout thousands and thousands of years, the Christed, the Lightworkers have been bringing information at great sacrifice by living difficult lives and it is all out there to be found, even going so far and taking all of their bloodline’s trauma to clear in their own bodies and lives. Some will just refuse Source until the end. Many will rehabilitate, and detachment (allowing all Souls/Sentient Beings to be free to their own choices and lives) is also a requirement for the Ascension Process.

We only came, yes, at first to cleanse the energies, patterns, and we arrested many entities who do not belong here off the planet, but ever since around 2011 ~ 2013 ~ 2016 ~ 2020, our Missions changed. 

Love and Source’s Energies, as well as the Cosmic Mother’s are not soothing and calm but quite the strong, overpowering, and at times, destructive energies that already changed so much and only continues to do so. Soon, They will be changing the world and the omniverse by the moment. 

The Ascended reached a stage in this process that we can only deal with so much, and we were forced to slow down considerably ever since the Winter Solstice, 2020, to the point where we are even sleeping more now. Enabling other Souls is becoming or will soon be impossible. It could turn into an avoidable and unnecessary stress.

I enabled and tried everything for decades to spiritually help family and relatives, until 2016, and then there was a cut off as my Consciousness permanently started living from the higher realms down. There were emotionally blackmail letters, guilt trips, anger, revenge, but I haven’t taken the bait and I can feel that those who harmed me only continue to slide down, however much that was never what I wished for them. But you can only endure being threatened under your own roof – your sanctuary – to have your energy, money, Love and dedication stolen from you, over and over again, as well as having your own family destroy your life twice. At one point, we must realize what the person is capable of and let them to the choices they made. We must remember that Free Will is the uttermost Law in this Universe, the one that must lead our choices.

Blackhole people will only continue to take down everything and everyone around them.

With every fallen Volunteer, we have all the others who remain having to hold the ship. We can all feel when one more of us strays from the path. At times, when we feel grief out of nowhere, it can be because of this. 

I am attempting this Mission for many reasons, but one of them is because years ago I saw two of my Soul Family Starseeds being severely attacked and they went offline. I completely understand them and even reached out, and at times I don’t want to continue my Mission either (to tell the truth), as living our Life Purpose takes effort and it can be very challenging at times. But Source showed me that if I didn’t try, then there would be three less active Starseeds. I am never told what to do, but at the time I didn’t see any other option and one up was better than three fallen beacons.

When confused, take the time to meditate. Give yourself days if necessary before making any decision and connect with the Source within. Most, if not all of us, were forced to leave families, toxic and dangerous people behind (even entities disguised as guides). It was a hellish life in the lower dimensions, the type that only fellow ex-Darkworkers and ex-Lightwarriors would ever believe and understand. But if you left them behind out of a Divine Impulse that it was time to shift higher, remember that you left those people for a reason. If it was right then, there is no reason to think that things changed, especially if they haven’t elevated their consciousness and changed their ways into a benevolent path. There is no need to believe in what people like that say, trust how they FEEL to you. It means you are reading their energy and their being as a whole.

There is nothing wrong with only allowing in people who can meet you at the same level of respect, reverence, gratitude, generosity, support, and Love that you also give. In fact, we must also show this to Humanity by example, by treating ourselves like that first.

My Guardian came to warn me beforehand that my remaining family meant me harm. I am glad he told me that because it might have been the last drop and I might have thought they had changed because my mother passed. Remember that when it comes to bloodlines, we can’t be very rational as our energies have mixed so intimately for so long. There is a lot of baggage and we may need inner guidance before seeing the Truth for what it is.

Our REAL families are the people that we will magnetize overtime. The real life we came here to live has barely started. You may have been seeing glimpses of wonderful people you had no idea existed in this world, where you just click and you understand each other on an invisible level. Real family is about frequency and Heart resonance. But you need to put yourself in that consciousness and frequency level often – it is a practice.

At one point, Humanity accepted that ‘most families are dysfunctional’. That’s not true at all. We have accepted terrible truths and problems for thousands of years without working on Solutions. To relate to someone from anything besides Heart resonance is just miserable. No Soul in the entire Creation is obligated to endure that.

In all planets, realms and universes, we are free to live in the most Joyful, free, and Loving way. Anything outside of that can be discarded.

Star Nations learning the same Lessons come together, as well as Beings with the same Missions. As a Humanity, we must unlearn all of the barbaric programs and traditions, and quit the guilt, obligations, shame, judgment, and all the lower patterns. They are draining and they keep us from coming together.

It’s time to leave the sacrificial Piscean Age era, and firmly step into higher probabilities. They are infinite. 

The people around us influence our Consciousness and Energies greatly. That’s why I have NO toxic people around me whatsoever. We forgot this for a long time but I recovered this Truth and memory, and that is that I am sovereign and I don’t owe anyone anything. To be a daughter, sister, etc doesn’t mean that one has obligations. I think the only one we would be obliged to is if we were a Guardian and brought to the world or adopted a child, then yes, we are obligated to this Soul for many, many years. Or the animals, or any Soul who is in a helpless state for some time that we decided to support. Besides that, it’s just societal rules based on fear, in trying to hold each other down. Proof of this is how people get triggered when one starts to raise their frequency and choose higher possibilities.

And we are moving out of fear.

It is already possible and many already live from dimensions of being/consciousness levels where it doesn’t exist anymore. 

Our priority is to stay in the calm high frequency. That is more than enough of a great Service to All. It is US who are helping Gaia raise, we are creating our future. It is a Co-Creation between those with the highest consciousness levels in the civilization + the planet Herself. That’s why we must be 100% harmless and Love All.

Please, feel free to share your experience, insights, questions, or whatever wants to be expressed. Don’t hold it in these things and express it in a Loving way. In a collective (two or more) we heal or harmonize our energy more quickly in a group that understands each other on a Soul level.

I hope everyone is well and however much I Love All, I have a special place in my Heart – in deep Gratitude – for Darkworkers and Lightwarriors, and often think of them. You changed everything and without you, Ascension would never have become possible for Earthseeds.

Wishing that we all decide for the highest options and Soulutions available. Another crucial crossroads is approaching.

Some may receive what the Solstice will bring in groups and others will do it by themselves. 

As I always pass out during great openings, I will be Embodying what’s coming during the Solstice by myself, hopefully in deep meditation or communion with Source but I’ll probably sleep. It is my Soul who always travels during these times and I found that staying quietly with my own energy and connection to Source and receiving the maximum benefits from these dates to be the most beneficial. Before sleep however, I intend the highest Vision for our world.

Remember it will be dimensional shifting so let’s take advantage of it and set the highest intention and wish for Humanity, the Planet, Animals, Realms, and All.

And of course, for our own lifestreams as well, although for Divine Volunteers, what we wish for all and for ourselves is the same as we were born in Unity Consciousness already.

Love, Gratitude, Abundance & Bliss!

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