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The Eclipse and Reset

✨ Here is a chance on this Eclipse/pit stop to refuel and intend, journal, imagine and FEEL your greatest Vision, as well as the Divine Human you  want to BEcome. Shake things off by receiving new Light/information at this time.

… And remember to take INspired action to ground all of that goodness into this density/physical realm.

Before Eclipses, holistic (all levels seen and unseen) cleanses are also very helpful.

Eclipses can be seen as great resets as if Source switches the button off and then on again. There is an opportunity for us to start from a much higher energetic space and consciousness level.

Before the great ring, you may have gone through loss, grief, or tough letting go experiences.

They were all leading you to your highest probabilities.

I often test my capacity to return to calm when the outside starts to rearrange itself. 

Within, by using imagery and visualizing a peaceful lake, or a tranquil environment, you can bring yourself back to the zero point, even if the chaos is quite nearby.

As it opens – or the button is switched on again – I feel guided to embody more of the New and Higher in silence communion with Source at this time. Each must hear their inner calling.

Wishing that Humanity thrive and heal.

Blessings, Peace, and Abundance!

Loving All.

🙏 Marta

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