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Magical encounters

It is always magical to look into another Soul’s eyes and have that connection. I had a recent encounter with a Japanese raccoon dog. Video ✮ posted here

I interrupted his meal by accident. 

The food was meant for a frequent ‘client’ (a cat who injured his hip and then it healed wrong). It was pouring rain but I hope he stays healthy.

The best way to start the day. Shooo cute, wow. So pure and innocent. 💚 melt down.

I had to remove Nom (our cat) from the living room immediately because he threatened to investigate the window, and he’s been traumatized by a raccoon before. The raccoon hit the window and yelled at Nom, one night , then Nom hid and just stared at the curtains for like 2 hours, like he couldn’t unsee something terrible 😂

PS: Wild animals can fend for themselves. Feeding them everyday is not helpful because they’ll unlearn how to survive on their own. We must be selfless and detached, planning for their future and how they would cope if we were not around.

Approaching them and lowering their suspicion of Humans is also not advised as not everybody is safe and it’s good for them to remain smart. When dealing with animals we must consider what is best for them first and not what we want. In doubt, better not do anything and research first. With the best of intentions, I made so many mistakes since I was little when dealing with animals, especially when emotions came before rationality.

The raccoon did finish his meal in the end 😍

Focus on things that keep you high vibe 💓
Love & Blessings!

⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ~ Remember other worlds and realms, opening up to your highest probabilities and miracles. I bring to Earth energies that never been here before through my Cosmic Journeys and Visions. ⭐ Vegan Animal Ambassador | Healer | Rescuer

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