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More than diversity and ‘races’, we are ONE big family called Humanity.

Blessings in this ‘shake-off’ and great cleansing we are going through, touching us deeply. 

As an earthly and omniversal ‘shaking off’ occurs, the dust comes up within us and it also happens in the entire Creation. You are not alone.

I quit the mainstream (fearstream) news and other frequency lengths, and don’t go looking for the horrible things that happen as I am very sensitive and these things run in the background of our psyche for years. 

However, many of us are here with many roles and one of them is to be the ‘eyes and ears’ for the Light Councils. 

Ex-Darkworkers would dive into the hell realms to witness the problems ‘down there’ and bring those diseased energies into the Light, as well as to transmute them.

Now, many of us only have to witness something from time to time, while recovering from the trauma or pain at a much faster pace thanks to the earthly and universal higher frequencies. 

I was disturbed and mourned for the First Nations, a group Consciousness I respect and Love deeply. At great suffering and sacrifice, many of them maintained their starry ways and history. 

Many Sensitives felt more Truth coming out this year and it’s not easy, but a necessary phase for Humanity to mature and Unite.

One of the biggest problems in that world – as a wise Lightworker said – was not just the evil but especially those who enabled it, or knew of it and did nothing, let alone those who gave their consent by active participation or who lend $upport to cruelty and suffering.

When we allow cowardice and injustices to continue, we diminish our own Light, and merge with the problem.

A Peaceful world starts within each one of us, by clearing the harm and violence within. Even silent judgment harms another – energetically at first – as the target does feel judged or oppressed. 

It starts with Soulutions, Love, and understanding, while each one of us do what we do best. Each Soul is absolutely unique in their energy, gifts, and paths.

A Peaceful world starts with what we imagine, intend, consent to, speak, send it out to the world, with our choices in harming other Sentient Beings or not, in borrowing from Nature respectfully or not, in BEing the change or not. 

It all starts within with less preaching and more BEing the change we each came to shine differently. When we all live our Life Purpose, it will just click and make sense, and we’ll see the Great Plan flowing effortlessly. 

Meanwhile, healing ourselves or those in a more advanced stage – staying in a high frequency – is all that we can do at times, especially when the energies are so intense and we feel overwhelmed.

One of the most important things about the HUman species is that we were dreamed of becoming HUMANE. Anything outside of it brings us great grief for that one is out of alignment.

Let’s Unite in more Love and less judgment. 

Judgment is a block that corrupts its hosts first, and then tries to destroy everything it touches. Those who judge are clearly not looking within themselves.

There are realms and universes out there where judgment doesn’t even exist. Those civilizations advanced relatively quickly. 

There are no races. We’ve been deceived: we are one big family of Earthlings.

💜 Pleiadian contact & Ascension update

The Scrolls have new information, techniques, energetic, and emotional support for retired Darkworkers who no longer want to deal with the lower dimensions and wish to finally live their Ascended Lives.

In the new Scroll ‘Pleiadian contact & Ascension update’, Teiran (5D Pleiadian) shares on Abundance, Ascension Support, and Update, as well as this ‘shake-off’ we are going through.

Learn also a technique and practice that will shift you from inside out (energetically), helping you to keep your cool during stressful times, and when facing projections or reactions.

I hope you are well and calm. 

Eternal Love, blessings, and Joy!

Are you in MeWe? Check the Paradise Earth group for Ascension Support.

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