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πŸ’™ Thank you so much!

I feel your thoughts, wishes & energy.Β 


This community is beloved and going through the Ascension process without you would have no meaning.



Many times we receive subliminal messages that we can’t show up or we are not good enough if we are not our best, and hide at least half of what we truly are.


As shared in a Cosmic Journey, I was honored that an extraterrestrial civilization showed me what it is like to live as people who never had the judgment pattern/block. How freeing it would be for us to not have that, and as it is transmuted out of existence, we can experience it less and less if we ourselves are not judgmental.Β 


Trailblazers continue to Express (a natural healing method), holding space or β€˜coming out’ first so others can realize that it is safe for everyone to be authentic and vulnerable. Paradoxically, by opening up to our Truth we actually become more protected.


I always wanted to make a video when I am vulnerable and raw – meaning that I am going through an expansion – so we heal as a civilization, realizing it is ok to put ourselves out there, even when we are not balanced.


I Love You ~Β 

You are never alone πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’™


✨ Marta

⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ~ Remember other worlds and realms, opening up to your highest probabilities and miracles. I bring to Earth energies that never been here before through my Cosmic Journeys and Visions. ⭐ Vegan Animal Ambassador | Healer | Rescuer

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