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How to heal repeating crisis. Plus: Darkworkers, New Age, Life Purpose, & more

‘Seeing challenges as growth or lessons can change your perspective so you look for the gift within what you are going through. This brings the relief necessary for you to keep going, diminishing suffering.’


When we get stuck in the illusions or programs of the matrix, our Soul sometimes needs to jolt ourselves up through the opening of the Heart. That is not always pleasant but these wake up calls are exactly what we need to get on with the path of the Heart and Purpose.

Many of these wake up calls come in the form of loss, breakdowns of identities, life areas, and anything that we need to surrender and allow Source back in.

The problem is when these crises keep returning, then the cause can be that we are not listening to the message of what needs to be upgraded or changed. 


In the video, I teach you how to clear the resonance within, how I got out of the lower dimensions of suffering, where crises are more colorful and dramatic, and more.


Once the lesson is learned or remembered, the crisis doesn’t return, only tests. 


Update: As Nom – our rescued Cat – seems to be losing the battle to a simple flu (he was born with a compromised or non-existent immune system), however much I try to embody the Peace I trained all my lives for, I try to find the balance between attachment, knowing the pain that may be coming soon, and his highest good (my priority and why I can keep calm). I know that if he tries to communicate as many other rescues did during their transition, if I am all polarized and emotional, focusing on my own feelings, I won’t understand him. Animals are also extremely sensitive, and they can feel our suffering and whatever will be his highest outcome, I want to leave him free to choose.

While going through this painful moment, I know that my Heart is being ripped open to hold even more Light and Love like never before. I also know that my Guides and Guardians are closer during times like this, and that I must BE the change we Volunteers came here to make available to Humanity.


Other topics that wanted to be expressed: Darkworkers, New Age, loss, Animal rescue, puppy mill, solving problems through focusing on solutions only, leaving your message and legacy to the world, life purpose, Soul communication and wake up calls, empaths and energy blocks, the universe, trauma, my 6D Arcturian Star Family, and energy healing:



Eternal Love,


🌠 Marta



⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ~ Remember other worlds and realms, opening up to your highest probabilities and miracles. I bring to Earth energies that never been here before through my Cosmic Journeys and Visions. ⭐ Vegan Animal Ambassador | Healer | Rescuer

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