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Ascension, Lightworker retirement & more

Today I’d like to share my personal energy update but that may be helpful to my Soul Family or those in the same Ascension ‘phase’.


I recently dreamed that I was guiding lots of young people through a maze of streets. 

In the past, I used to get very involved when asked for help, overly empathizing with the pain of the world as I found resonance through the pain within. That was necessary for Volunteers but then we had to climb up the energetic steps and ‘get out of that world’ with the understanding acquired so we could bring in our unique Solutions, Missions, or whatever else it’s in our Blueprint, and make them a tangible and practical thing through healing methods, sounds, music, art, stories, teachings, by sharing our experiences, speaking up, etc. And just like our Guides and Guardians, we are now able to step back without saving or interfering, which paradoxically can happen when we are able to embody much more Love.


Many Empaths and Lightworkers ‘retired’ from old roles, as 2020 made Humanity begin to face our own issues and take responsibility for our Consciousness or the results from the inner pain or harm will only continue to amplify, as our civilization is forced to come of age. No longer will we be able to sweep things under the rug, be unconscious, and we must mature as a unified collective. As shared long ago, the Clarion Call is no longer sounding throughout the universe and each Soul has chosen.


On a more grounded and practical note, the laptop I had since 2011  finally showed signs it is asking for mercy and that I am cruel for continuing to expect more from it. It went through a slow breakdown until it finally could be used only as a ‘typewriter’ until I couldn’t even open softwares in it, so I was using google docs, and now not even browser software is functioning anymore so I guess it lived long and prospered as much as it could, as the fictional Vulcans would say (I Love that race). I am so grateful for it. I was a completely different person back in 2011 and it had been a great electronic companion on my journey. I always Love to use things to their full capacity – as a minimalist thinker and to hold space for the non-consumerist future paradigm – and I think the laptop lived as long as it did – even though it was on the cheaper side as a temporary and only solution at the time – because I was grateful for it most days and I used it to help others. The universe infuses Service with life force and miracles, and that may be true for inanimate things too.  I think that’s why it miraculously kept going for as long as it did. 

In fact, as I healed from scarcity issues, I had to find out that big names and expensive products are just for show, and I mostly functioned just fine by choosing more affordable choices. I also found that many top names can afford so much advertising because they underpay their employees or practice other unethical things to stay on top. Many products are not actually expensive, they are just paying everyone their due with fair trade, and we must know who we are supporting out there so we are not in agreement with some dark stuff that goes on in this world. When we link ourselves energetically to these actions, we open up portals and become vulnerable to those things too, as everything works in spirals in the organic universe, with thoughts, feelings, actions, and expectations returning to us until we are able to neutralize it.


And we also must support those who helped or inspired us so we get out of the planetary energetic debt. Abundance = Generosity = Gratitude.


I am now using an older computer that hubby used less and less after he finally bought his first smartphone, so things may slow down a bit and if it does, you know why.

This is another device that may not fit for the long run, but we never know because as the years went by, I was always surprised for how long the old one kept going. 


That’s why we can always start our Service where we are, even if the tools don’t seem ideal, if they threaten to give out in the middle of the journey, or even if we don’t have a cent to spare to buy a domain yet. And if we just begin, we are provided for, somehow, in unexpected ways.


Obviously, I am not talking about the old paradigm of luxury and waste – that is ego-based – and that by being Service to Others we would become millionaires, but the true Abundant state that we already are, which doesn’t only mean money, but also the richness in knowing amazing people that lifts us up, in finding teachings, beauty, the answers when we need, support, kindness, and being able to see miracles in the world because we are one with that frequency. 


Nowadays, it’s even possible to start our Life Purpose online for free. If we think about it, this is a higher frequency Earth because it’s more fluid and not long ago, we could not start Divine Services, Businesses, or Practices out of nothing, and had to risk and invest in physical things as everything was denser and rigid. 

Think about it, big shifts keep happening and if we only focus on what needs to go away, we miss the wonderful changes.


I just shared a beautiful thing that happened in space recently on instagram. Things happen so slowly, that we don’t realize how things are shifting in linear time but that are so clear when seen in hindsight.


However, if we are able to be present, the shifts are palpable, as well as we can be more aware of the miracles and support we receive. All that is needed is for us to BE the Love and have that strong inner connection with Source.


So much Love,


🌠 Maree


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