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How to heal overwhelm

Sensitivity is a sign of advancement, present in Old and Ancient Souls.


Whatever you may have heard, that you are weak, too emotional, or dramatic is not true for if more Humans were Empaths, we wouldn’t hurt each other, the animals, or destroy nature as it was the norm in an old, barbaric Earth.


The Light Beings and the healed, advanced Star People are very sensitive. They feel so united with everything that they even go out of their way to support other worlds, as they were once guided by others who cared too, in turn.


The sensitives are here to shift the consciousness of the planet and may feel ‘overwhelmed’ in lower densities as everything is harsher there, and they are used to the fluidity, Freedom, and Joy of the higher realms.


Here is a tested method to get out of the overwhelm that worked every time, no matter the root cause:


Each one of us is the SOULution on this planet.


Love, Bliss, & Miracles!


🌠 Marta  





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