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Happy Equinox ~ Ascension Update

‘Breathe your way up and out of old Earth’ ~ Source


In preparation for more dimensional shifts, we practice Peace and stillness while clearing the old, making the most out of the Equinox Portal.
However much we must live in the Now, these portals bring in the New Energies that support the highest probabilities and changes that we are capable of handling.

Personally, I’ve been experiencing daily miracles and wonderful people or events happening in a way that it felt like I have stepped into another, more magical world.

I am shown a distant memory of 1998 when almost the opposite happened and I had stepped into the lower dimensions.




In this long Ascension Update ‘Living Ascended lives in the lower dimensions’:


The struggling and effortless paths
What the Ascension Community can benefit from letting go of
Perspectives leading to different experiences
Decreasing emotional, mental, and physical processes
The last phase is about Energy
When I tried to live an Ascended life in the lower dimensions
Understanding to release the old matrix’ tricks
Sudden shift into the lower dimensional versions of everything
The synchronized attacks by the same group
Portals in people
The 2013 portal
Messenger visitations
Passing through death of the body or by Ascending
The threshold Earth passed through
When knowledge is kept from us
Clarifying some misinfo embedded in the new age and religious cults
Many Starseeds were the game changers
Returning to Truth and right frequency
More on the 2020 dimensional shift, training, and ‘agents’
Minor battles and resolutions signify a much greater multidimensional picture
How to see Paradise Earth ‘proofs’
Find your fuel by what makes you happy
Keeping the Vision
Creating and magnetizing
One more perspective of what 2020 meant
The sorting out and the yellow planet
Earth Seeds and their matching frequency levels
More on Soul rehabilitation
Living in coherence with the Universe
Atlantis part II
The different space the Ascending are in
A few years ago, while the world turned upside down, many of the Ascending turned the right way up
Magic, effortlessness, and expectations
Getting our wishes in the ways of the higher realms
My cave and hermit phase
Nightly One with Source visualization/technique
Declarations and becoming sovereign
From a higher perspective, why is everything right in our faces now?
Personal sharings on vaccinations, etc
Lightworkers and Warriors who INspired me
Things are shifting for Lightworkers and Starseeds, who used to be devalued on old Earth
Abundance teachings by Têirán, the Pleiadian Guide
Bifurcation amongst family and friends
How the outside authority patterns are being cleared
Practicing so we can hold greater energetic fields
New Source Vision and this next phase
Rehabilitating to the real universal rhythm
Adulthood is changing
My BlueRay Ancestors
More on the Heart of a Child vibration
We came from the future
From the past perspective, we already won
Grounding etheric shifts
How I expanded my Purpose
Lightworker isolation and cheering ourselves up
This Scroll has been embedded with the Highest Energy and Light from Source


Return to the Heart of a Child to activate the Creator Consciousness.

🌠 Love, Bliss, & Miracles!



✰ Marta


✨ Open up to all Possibilities and Miracles in Source Frequency ⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ⭐ Vegan Animal Healer ⭐ #Ascension First Wave #Starseed #Lightworker

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