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🌌 Ascension Update

🌌 As HUmanity advances in our somewhat forced coming of age, we must learn detachment as the sorting out continues.


We are guided today towards the understanding of true prayer.

When we pray for a certain outcome, we are usually attached and not able to see the situation holistically and from all levels that exist: the energetic, the many dimensions, the Soul’s Journey, and many more reasons why the thing is happening to that Soul, in the world, or whatever it is that is happening.


As an Animal Ambassador, rescuer, and Healer, sometimes the Soul trusted in my care’s greatest wish was not to continue living with the pain or debilitating old body. That goes for HUmans or Animals, but for each Soul, with their different backgrounds, lessons, situation, and Now Moment, the highest outcome may not be what we can perceive on a HUman level.


Instead of praying for this or that outcome, which limits the possibilities, I always pray for the highest probabilities and imagine Source Light is showered directly over the person, animal, location, situation, etc. I know that ‘Source Knows better’ which is the Only Who can see all levels. It is the part of us that we left behind whole and not fractalized, to take care of the whole when needed, as each fractal has their own experiences ‘down’ here.


As a HUman who went through things like every Soul on this world, I cannot know the highest outcomes, or the greater picture and plan. 

The more detached I became however, the more perspectives I am shown because we first must practice and BEcome the higher frequencies before stepping into higher dimensions of BEing.


Detachment has nothing to do with dissociation or distractions. We still are Present and feel the pain, the worry, or discomfort fully but it is released more quickly and effortlessly the more we learn this.


That’s the state of the Angelics and Star People. That’s how they can Know that we are changing for the better but they don’t swoop in, intervening in our lives, and allow us our own choices. They also practiced detachment.


Detachment actually allows a greater level of Love that allows others to fully live their experiences without your judgment or interference.


Ego-based, wounded, polarized or people on a lower consciousness level may even call you cold, heartless, or even evil. But by being detached, the New Light is fully coming through you and opening up the possibilities for the New Era all around you, within everything you touch and who you come in contact with because the highest frequencies are arriving through the Hearts of those who can remain Peaceful, in higher states outside of polarity.


Don’t mind these projections and remove yourself from toxicity when you become intolerant to it. It means you don’t want to play with that level of vibration anymore and want to evolve into more expanded states of BEing.

There is a consciousness trap in religious cults, and that is that the ‘better’ or evolved you are, the more you tolerate and sacrifice.

This is absolutely not true and many Empaths fall for this belief until we learn to Create very strong boundaries. 

The Truth is that the more you evolve, the more sensitive/advanced you become and so, the more discerning and picky of anything you allow into your field you become. 


You have the Birthright (not the incarnation birth but from the time you left Source) to ONLY allow what feels Loving and benevolent and discard everything else. You have the Birthright to only interact with what you resonate with.


On Earth, we are packed together with all sorts of frequencies and consciousness levels.


In the higher realms, we only interacted with the same frequencies and sometimes were exposed to higher ones so we could begin to expand even more.

The same can already be done on Earth, which is a much higher frequency planet already compared to the world we were born into.


As a great root cause of suffering, you will learn how Blissful life can be outside of attachment. 

Behind the veil, when we are attached to beliefs, people, periods, and things, we are giving our energy away to them. On a grounded level, we don’t feel whole in the moment, like we are always yearning for something that is far away. This feeling is a red flag from your energy, telling you that you have a leakage and you must strengthen your core and shield.


You can periodically bring back all of your energy to you and no one has the right to take it away.


Focus only on what is Loving and Uplifting (in what you want and know it’s beneficial) and you are certain to be one of the New Earth Pioneers.




‘Why you never feel ready for your Life Purpose or anything really’




A new tool to help you with your Mission, that you can return to so you can be on point.


The new Blog and Vlog are part of this tool.


Each one of us is the SOULution on this planet.


💚 Marta


🍃 Higher vibrational alternatives available (with our support). 

When important shifts are reached but they are too short to make it to a Scroll, they will be posted on MeWe, Telegram, and Facebook for now.




✨ Open up to all Possibilities and Miracles in Source Frequency ⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ⭐ Vegan Animal Healer ⭐ #Ascension First Wave #Starseed #Lightworker

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