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Why you never feel ready for your Life Purpose or anything really

Learn why you do not feel ready unless you are already taking action and BEing the change that you want.

This is shared in more detail in the welcoming Newsletter email so I won’t repeat it, but as we entered the New Era – a time for Unity, what is New and Loving – we are mostly able to feel grounded through the Heart and our Mission. That’s why this is an appropriate message for this time as Service to others and our Life Purpose becomes more important than ever.



Healed and advanced Star People and Light Beings are Service to Others. To become a galactic civilization we must be Harmonious first.


We also need to live what we came here for so our Soul doesn’t decide to return and do it all over again. It’s important to Love and be Grateful for every moment, so we can ground in the Now, but part of our Hearts is weary and yearning to finish our Mission and go on the next adventure after this. This is my last lifetime on Earth, as is for many other Starseeds. I am returning Home to Source, while others will go on other adventures.


So this is the time where we take one tiny step everyday to Create the foundation of our legacy, our contribution. Source and I co-Created a tool to help you with your Mission, that you can return to so you can be on point.

This Blog and Vlog are also part of that tool.


When all of us are living our Heart’s Calling, everything will make so much sense because the puzzle pieces will come together, forming Paradise Earth and a healed, Loving and united civilization, just like the advanced Star People.


Whatever it is that you came here to contribute, ONLY YOU can do it. Only you can emanate a particular frequency. Only you have the perspective that you do, as well as your unique talents.


When you live your Life Purpose, you will be more INspired, Joyful, Creative, and Abundant. 


Will there be challenges and resistance in the way? 


Yes, especially when you are stretching yourself because then you are going through an expansion. But you’ll no longer live in dimensions of suffering.

One of the root causes of suffering can be stagnation and when the Soul perceives that Her HUman level got stuck, She mourns. At this level, we may feel these warnings as the so-called depression, despondency, grief, etc.


May we all have the courage and strength to take tiny steps and act on our Mission.


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